I could not have been more thrilled last year when The CW announced that they would be adding THE FLASH to their Fall TV lineup. But it's not for the obvious reason of just loving the character. No, see, I was a fan of the original FLASH TV show from way back in 1990 when I was a freshman in High School. It was the perfect segue from the Tim Burton Batman fever from just a year earlier and I was psyched that finally, a superhero show was coming to the small screen. However, it was ill-fated as the series got stuck in awful time slots and could not get a toe hold and find its audience. Actor John Wesley Shipp played the part of Barry Allen and to me, the show still holds up today. But that's all in the past. However, it would ironically become apparent that John Wesley Shipp would have the last laugh except it would take until the year 2014.
The new FLASH TV show premiered this past Fall and has already become a breakout hit for The CW. And I gotta say, it is a pretty damn good show. A solid narrative with some terrific actors, most notably Grant Gustin in the lead as Barry Allen and "ED" alum Tom Cavanagh playing the duplicitous Dr. Harrison Wells. Plus it's nice to see LAW & ORDER vet Jesse L. Martin do what he does best, play a grizzled veteran cop. And returning to the FLASH canon is John Wesley Shipp himself playing Barry's wrongfully imprisoned father, Henry Allen. So it was only a matter of time before DC COLLECTIBLES would decide that their new hit show deserved a proper modern action figure. And I have to say, it does not disappoint.


The nearly 7-inch figure is the perfectly realized iteration of TV's new fastest man alive. The Scarlet Speedster has never looked this good in this Junkies opinion. At first, last year when set photos of THE FLASH costume were revealed to be a dark maroon, I was very skeptical and disappointed. But to be honest, I have totally reversed my opinion. The suit is pretty dope looking and the show has already done a good job of foreshadowing that at some point in the series run, we will see the red duds that more fans are used to. I actually really like how they revealed that in the story arc. The figure comes in the new DC COLLECTIBLES packaging which I absolutely love. In fact, I like it better than the new MARVEL LEGENDS packaging. It is a beautiful window box package and behind the encased figure is the classic FLASH logo. A nice touch that gives the figure a feeling of exclusivity.


As far as likeness is concerned, they did a bang up job of matching actor Grant Gustin's likeness. The sleek uniform looks terrific and is an exact match to the suit we see on screen. The figure is not weighed down by too many points of articulation which I do not think is such a bad thing. Especially if you like to display your figures on a shelf or desk. Too many points of articulation can sometimes be overkill in my estimation. DC COLLECTIBLES shows enough restraint here that the figure is like a piece of art. It comes with two sets of extra hands which I found to be kind of odd as the extra accouterments for the figure. But I guess, depending on how you pose THE FLASH, the hand positioning does matter. The paint job is stellar and I really like how well the suit is realized. The sculpt is pretty rad and this makes for a seriously necessary addition for any FLASH fan or hardcore DC Comics Junkie. Overall, the debut of this new FLASH figure from the underrated TV show (I think the program is still trying to get out of ARROW's shadow) is an absolute winner. A must pick up and at just $18.70 on AMAZON, it's a no brainer. Now if they will just do a REVERSE FLASH in this same fashion. Anyway, get this figure fast. See what I did there?

PS--Thanks to AFJ Admin Marc Wasserman for the sweet deal on this figure!


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