AFJ got the word that GameStop has purchased a large quantity Mattel's MattyCollector surplus. MattyCollector was Mattel's Collector Online Store that dealt heavily with Masters of the Universe actions figures (referred to as Masters of the Universe Classics) as well as DC Comics Superhero Characters. The opportunity to purchase rare, now discontinued, action figure collectibles was too good to just sit back at the office and see what the Junkies came up with. We had to toy hunt for them ourselves. After all, the chance to find and purchase DC Superheroes, ThunderCats, or MOTUC figures in the wild is what being an Action Figure Junkie is all about. We also added the new Target Exclusive Chewbacca figure to the hunt. We were hoping to find the variant!

We revealed our GameStop MattyCollector Toy Hunt with Instagram's Your Story feature. We have also supplied you with pictures of the figures we did see but not purchase in our hunt.


Galactic He-Man Batman 66

Toys R Us

Marvel Legedns Spider-Punk

Jessica Jones

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