The Great Five Below Chirrut and Baze Star Wars Black Series Toy Hunt

On the 22nd of September, our friend Kylo Collector reported that Star Wars Rogue One Black Series Wave had been spotted at Five Below.


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TBS 6 inch Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe Rogue One wave is hitting Five Below for $5 each! Thanks @irishpotato0

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Naturally, we took off to as many Five Below stores as we could. Why? Chirrut and Baze are part of the lost wave of Black Series figures that never really made it to retail stores. Their price, on Amazon, was an easy $60 (per figure). The pair even made into to our "Top 10 Star Wars The Black Series You Don't Own (With Good Reason)", seen below.

We took off Sunday morning with a hope and a belief that the Force was with us.

The Prey:

The Hunt:


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Damn!!! @fivebelow has the #marvellegends #guardiansofthegalaxy wave! #afj4life #toyhunting

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We encountered several of those Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Marvel Legends! However, there were no Black Series figures at this location. The managers, who were very nice, told us to call back on Tuesday (shipment day). We took off to the next closest location, the King of Prussia Mall.


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#toyhunting for #chirrutimwe and #bazemalbus at @fivebelow! #starwars #has to #rogueone #parademon #dcmultiverse #afj4life

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OMG, not only did we find Chirrut and Baze, thank you, Christine, for checking in the back, but we also found the DC Multiverse Parademon. We had been looking for this figure since February and was often a topic of discussion.

The End Result:
Finding Chirrut and Baze was like scoring the winning touch down. Why? To over pay for two figures, such as these two, would have been ridiculous. What's even more infuriating is that these figures were out there somewhere, most likely a Toys R Us warehouse,  when they could have been sitting on the shelf. People wanted these figures and the demand elevated their secondary market price to $60. We could go out and hunt down more, but we want other Junkies to find them. The market value of these figures is going to to drop, as it should, we don't care about what the figures are worth to someone else. We only cared about completing our collection and getting two figures that we would have easily paid $20 a piece for at Walmart or Target. Thank you Five Below, you literally made our day. As for the Junkies out there hunting these two... just say, "I am one with the Force. The Force is with me." over and over again. You got believe, but you got to go now! #AFJ4LIFE

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