The Great Invisible Man POP! Toy Hunt Comes to an End!

This is week 2 of trying to find the highly coveted Invisible Man POP! which is a Walgreens Exclusive. Previously, I had taken a road trip to Yonkers, NY and tried to find him near the village of Sleepy Hollow (seen HERE). Last week I did several hard targeted searches, but Walgreens was more interested in selling school supplies than Halloween fare (seen HERE).

Why the Invisible Man obsession? He was my favorite as a kid. The book, by H.G. Wells, was the first "grown-up" book I had ever read. He had a special place in my heart and in missing out on the Universal Monster POP! figures several years ago, I wasn't going to let him through my fingers.

The Prey:
There is a variant with an "invisible" head and a regular release with bandages.
The Hunt:


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The great @Walgreens #invisibleman #pop #toyhunt comes to a close. #walgreensexclusive #funko #marvellegends

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The End Result:
It didn't end with a climatic finish or did it? The reason why AFJ was stated was to help other collectors out. "Ryan", who wishes to remain invisible, sent us two of the Invisible Man POP! figures. In turn, we sent "Ryan" two AFJ t-shirts as a thank you. Yet, life is funny, especially when collecting action figures. On the day we received "Ryan's" gift, another Junkie dropped 6 Regal Cinemas Exclusive Justice League POP! figures on us. Fresh right out of the case. We decided to give them away on our Instagram page. In short, we paid it forward. Does it sting not to find them? Yes. However, numerous people reached out to us and told us how much fun they had watching the videos. Numerous people I knew personally told me the videos were great. I had no idea anyone was actually watching. I say thank you for doing so. I still want to find the chase variant as well as Frankenstein. The Universal Monsters rein supreme in the fall months of the year. That's half the thrill of hunting for them. I'll be back at it tomorrow, Junkies. The hunt never really ends.

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