Variety reporter, Justin Kroll, stated on Twitter that the Penguin is being considered for the villain in the next Batman movie. This is for the Matt Reeves Batman film currently in pre-production.

Here is Kroll's tweet: "Take this with a grain of salt as things are constantly changing in the DCEU but I'm hearing the Penguin is possibly the choice to play the main villain in THE BATMAN. Sources add even if Reeves decide to go another route the studio could then make him the main villain in BOP".

Now, "BOP" refers to the Birds of Prey film, featuring the DCU's female heroes.

This is all just a tweet at this point Junkies, so we will have to sit and wait to see what flies to the surface.

AFJ's Take: I like the idea of the Penguin for Birds of Prey as the villain over that of The Batman. Why? If Batman has saved the world in his two previous movies, is the threat of criminal Kingpin really movie worthy at this point? In short, is he really enough of a threat to make us feel Batman is in jeopardy. This is a major issue when you jump to saving the world first for the character over saving a city or an individual (cinematically). Thoughts, Junkies? Sound off below! #AFJ4LIFE

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