The POP! Market SDCC 2018 Report – What’s Gone Up in Value

By Jason Nelson

Now that we are a few weeks out from SDCC, the secondary market prices for the exclusives are starting to level out a little. So, I thought this would be a good time to see how I did with my predictions on which of the shared Funko Pops would be hot (Seen HERE). Out of my 10 picks, I scored 40%. Not the best, but that just shows how fickle the Pop! market is and how unpredictable the fans are. Based on current gains, here is the top 10 of the shared exclusives:

Pepe Le Pew      $39.00
Stinkor                  $37.00
Playboy Penguin  $37.00
Olenna Tyrell          $36.00
Hellboy                  $36.00
Super Saiyan Broly  $34.00
Redhood                  $33.00
Tamatoa                  $32.00
Moaning Myrtle  $28.00
Kraglin                  $28.00

Every year there seems to be at least one item that comes out of left field and for this year, I feel like that was Playboy Penguin. Most collectors had no idea who the character even was when it was announced, yet it was a heavily sought out piece during the convention sales.

If you are Pop! collector, hopefully, you were able to the ones you wanted. Leave us comment below to let us know how you did and what you missed, maybe others will see and we can help each other out. #AFJ4LIFE

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