The X-Men are coming home to Marvel. Not that they weren't already the property of Marvel, but for fans of the X-Men movie franchise, until today, there was no chance that the X-Men were ever going to appear along the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, and the Avengers. That is until Disney bought FOX. Welcome to the future, Junkies! Check out the details below from Variety.

From Variety: "Shareholders of 21st Century Fox and Disney have voted to approve Disney’s $71.3 billion buyout of major Fox assets. Shareholders gathered Friday morning at the New York Hilton for separate meetings to vote on the historic transaction that the companies first set back in December. Both meetings were brief, lasting less than 15 minutes". Read the full story in Variety HERE.

Oh, and in case you are wondering: "Disney has already received the greenlight from the Justice Department for the purchase, on the condition that it sell off Fox’s 22 regional sports networks within 90 days of closing. Disney still needs to secure a handful of approvals from foreign governments". Also from the Variety piece.

AFJ's Take: We have already seen that Disney had this in the works for some time as there were numerous references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in both Deadpool movies (probably a coincidence) as well as all the X-Men Marvel Legends action figures slated for 2019 (seen HERE), of which Disney had purposely kept from producing in mass quantities for years. Oh, and the Fantastic Four (also a part of the FOX deal) had their comic book canceled only to be coming back this fall... hmmm...

Let also look at what else Disney is gaining in the deal: The Planet of the Apes franchise, the Alien franchise, Avatar, Predator, Die Hard, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and the rights to distribute Star Wars: A New Hope (theatrically).

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