To The AFJ Family,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this note to all of you. You are the light that kept Jarrett going. You were and always will be the light that will keep Jarrett (Captain Junkie) and his memory alive. He cared about each and every one of you and AFJ was the passion of his life. Dave (Papa Junkie) and I (Mama Junkie) want to thank all of you for staying with Jarrett and for building up this family through the last 4 years. It is hard to imagine how our lives will go on without Jarrett, but I think that I need to look at it differently, I need to go on for Jason, Dave, MJ, Stephanie, Christina, Ross, Bob, and all of you who have stood behind Jarrett.

Please help us keep Jarrett’s memory and legacy going. Please let his dream become a reality. He’s looking down and he sees this special group and will never ever be far from any of us. We hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers and keep Jarrett, Captain Junkie, not a memory but a reality.

All Our Love,

Mama & Papa Junkie

Dianne & David Kruse

Mama and Papa Junkie


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