Before I get into the review of the TO THE BATCAVE! BATMAN with BATCOMPUTER and 15 ACCESSORIES, I've got to air some grievances about the '66 BATMAN line from Mattel before just a so-so review of this new TRU Exclusive. So here goes...

I was wowed two years ago at TOY FAIR when I saw that Mattel was finally making figures from the 1966 Live Action BATMAN TV show. I grew up on reruns of the show and was thrilled. So excited was I that I picked up two of everything in the line. And then things just kind of stopped. No more villains besides the core four and there were a ton of villains on the show to be made. No Batcave play set with poles to slide down. No Bruce Wane and Dick Grayson figures. I mean seriously I was like "WTF" is happening here?!? I've been waiting since I was five!

BM27 BM29
Then, only about a month before SDCC in July of this year, Mattel announced a Toys R Us Exclusive of the Yvonne Craig BATGIRL available at the booth for $20. A great deal but was that it? Randomly while I wait for my SDCC Batgirl to be shipped, while perusing the TRU website, I came across a new BATMAN '66 3-pack of BATMAN, ROBIN & BATGIRL. The exact BATGIRL I just bought at SDCC! What is going on Mattel? Then I see another monster '66 BATMOBILE that most Bat-Junkies bought when it was released. But here's the catch: this new BATMOBILE was the same size but included BATMAN & ROBIN figures that can be removed in and out of the vehicle while the same one I bought last year had zero figures. Plus there were some small added decor details that my BATMOBILE does not have! Really Mattel? Just to squeeze out a couple of extra bucks because you know we'll buy it even though that's how it should have been done the first time? "NOT COOL," says AFJ.

BM7 BM4 BM11
Now to our featured review of the closest thing we are going to get to a BATMAN '66 playset. In this TOYS R US Exclusive for just $30, although it has increased to $35 since I purchased it online. The BATMAN figure included is no different than any iteration they have released in the past and that includes the one in the new 3-pack and the one with the "new" BATMOBILE. However, the TO THE BATCAVE BATMAN figure does have an alternate head with the exact likeness of actor Adam West. So I was comforted to know that at the very least, Mattel has the capability to make us a Bruce Wayne figure or a Dick Grayson or Alfred or Commissioner Gordon, etc etc.

BM25 BM21 BM20

Back to the box set, first there are two main pieces besides the accessories. One is literally a postcard size two-sided piece of cardboard with a drawing of other Batcave stuff on one side. On the other side of the card is a wood wall with a shelf to give the illusion that it is the den upstairs where the batpoles are along with the Shakespeare bust and red phone are located. Same thing with the Batcomputer. It's the Batcomputer on one side and wood finishing on the other side. As we all know even if you just watched one episode in your life, you know that this makes no sense as far as the architectural plans of Wayne Manor and the Batcave. It's cool but as I mentioned but I do not own nor are they making a Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson figure in their street clothes to be hanging on the wood side of the wall. The Batcomputer itself is basically a large piece of plastic. No lights or anything. The rest of the accessories include three Batarangs, four cans of Batman Spray Repellent, one Bat communicator, a megaphone, some kind of giant bazooka-like gun and finally, the reasons I really bought the set, the Shakespeare bust whose neck does go up and does have a button that does nothing. Finally, there is the famous Red Phone which as far as I can remember, it was not cordless but it is here, lol.

BM3 BM22 BM1
As much of a completist toy collector, I am where I feel like I have to get everything that is released in the lines I love, outside of the Adam West head, the Batarangs, the Red Phone, and the must-own Shakespeare Bust, this set is a big miss. I let my eyes get the best of me and a positive PayPal balance made me feel like a big shot so I just bought. Although I would have bought it eventually for my OCD completist self, I could have waited until the holidays when this will surely be just $15. Sorry, Bat-Junkies. No POW! BAM! or BOP! here.


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