Where would Batman be without his world-famous vehicles? I mean it just wouldn't be the same to see Batman & Robin running out of the Batcave. Instead, they are, pardon the pun, like a bat out of hell in the Batmobile, storming into Gotham City. However, over the years, Bats has upped his game with many different modes of transport. So with JUSTICE LEAGUE just a few days off and a new Bat-Vehicle making its screen debut, AFJ decided to break down the TOP 10 Bat-Vehicles that are still in the wild and available for purchase!


When BATMAN BEGINS was released a dozen years ago, I remember my jaw dropping when I got my first look at The Tumbler in action. The gold standard of 21st-century upgrades, this Batmobile has stood the test of time after a 13-year drought since the Burton Batmobile. An instant classic.


I am not much of a gamer but I do love that the ARKHAM KNIGHT video game series has opened up the Batman canon to a whole new audience that may not have grown up on The Dark Knight. This 1:18 scale diecast replica is really a sight to behold and in my opinion, the HOT WHEELS vehicles are the most durable and display worthy. Granted, no figure is going to get in there but just for aesthetics, it is really cool to line up all of the HOT WHEELS 1:18 Bat-Vehicles. The 1200 horsepower Wayne Tech hybrid jet engine with afterburner, immobilizer missiles, and a remote guidance system. The piece also has a cockpit hatch that opens and closes to reveal a highly detailed interior.



When I saw this a few years back at Toy Fair, my first thought was that this Batwing was bigger than a 4-year-old child. The 3-foot long plastic Batwing opens and has the ability to hold two DC COLLECTIBLES BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES action figures, naturally sold separately. The Batwing is over two feet wide and they actually make it a point in the description to tell you that this vehicle, in fact, does not fly. Still, its the closest you'll ever get!


Fans of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES waited years for this Batmobile and it was totally worth it. The impressive Batmobile measures two-feet long has light-up headlights, brakes & an engine with independently moving wheels. Plus you can fit two BTAS figures in the cockpit as an added bonus. Actually, they released just the Batmobile and then the Batmobile with the Batman & Robin figures. A must-have for any card-carrying Gothamite.

6. HOT WHEELS 1966 1:12 SCALE BATCYCLE For those that did not grow up on the Adam West BATMAN live-action show, it is hard to express the influence that it had on literally everything in the live action comic book world. So as cheesy as it was, it was still groundbreaking and remains a wonderful way to have your kids enter the world of our hobby. The minds at MATTEL used the original designs of the Yamaha Catalina 250 for this die-cast replica and it does not disappoint. The Batcycle features rolling wheels, rubber tires, die-cast frame, engines, and front forks, working steering, working flip-down stand, and a removable go-kart with its own working steering. Apparently, The attached sidecar with a portable go-cart sporting its own Yamaha engine that propelled off the sidecar when Batman slowed down or stopped. I actually always thought the sidecar looked like more fun!

The George Barris Batmobile from the '66 TV Series is one of the most iconic vehicles in pop culture history. Whether you have seen one at a comic convention or toy show, it is really a trip to see one in person. I can only imagine how insane the original car was on the set back in the day. This was a very cool TOYS R US Exclusive from a few years back when the groovy '66 Batman MATTEL figures were released. I always thought that this was one of their best lines and should have gone the distance but it unfortunately barely got out of the gate by being too random and sporadic. (Think the Yvonne Craig Batgirl from SDCC, it came out of nowhere when most thought the line was discontinued.) Still, this is a very good bargain option if you are looking to kill three birds with one stone.


Being a Junkie before social media was actually a lot easier so I remember my almost ten-year-old toy runs well. Social media was just getting off the ground after the MySpace burnout and Facebook was still in its infancy so collectors relied greatly on message boards and such. THE DARK KNIGHT was such a colossal critical and financial hit that Junkies everywhere were mopping up everything Heath Ledger Joker and the incredible Bat-Pod for one of the best sequels since GODFATHER II. I bought two of these at TARGET but wound up selling one years later when the price had peaked. It is definitely one of the best mass-market vehicles that I have ever picked up and I have had people prefer this one over much more expensive iterations of the Pod.

3. KENNER SUPER POWERS BATMOBILEOn a personal level, this Batmobile was really the one in my childhood collection that got the most proverbial mileage. I kept the vehicle in awesome shape for almost 20 years eventually having to let it go but SUPER POWERS remains one of my all-time favorite action figure lines of all time. The little bonuses that this Batmobile has are sublimely ahead of their time foreshadowing some of the features we see today. I love the sleek design and the front bumper ram and Bat-eye lights that come up. Super cool, huge play-ability factor and a true classic.2. HOT TOYS/SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES 1989 BATMOBILE
For just a couple of car payments, this epic 1989 Batmobile can still be all yours. Yes, to keep up with the amazing work from HOT TOYS & SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES, you definitely have to have some extra scratch around every month. But this? This is a showpiece for Junkies that is the conversation starter you've been waiting for to get someone into collecting. The product this company puts out is seriously museum quality and if you do own one, it means that you are a dedicated Bat-fan of the highest order. I'm talking League of Shadows dedicated.

I really weighed a lot of pros and cons with this list and this being number one really has nothing to do with the fact that JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters this week. It was 4 months ago at SDCC when I literally spent 45 minutes taking over 100 pictures and videos of this beast. And it really is a beast--remote controlled making it the first R/C car I have had since I was 10. Regardless of how the movie does at the box office this weekend, this is one sweet ride that Bat-Junkies will want in their garage. It even has all of the 21st-century tech and can be controlled via an App-enabled tablet or smartphone. There is a real camera in the cockpit so that the user can control and view the first-person experience of what its like to be behind the wheel of the most famous superhero vehicle of all time. As if that was not enough, the Batmobile has real smoking exhaust, rotating gun turrets and a Batman figure featuring articulated arms that move with the steering wheel while his foot presses on the gas to simulate the Dark Knight driving this pseudo-tank. An amazing addition to your Batcave, I see this selling out for the holidays this year. #AFJ4LIFE

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