What a Wookie! Seeing Chewbacca back on screen next to Han Solo again sent chills down our collective nerd consciousness. He doesn’t look like he has aged a day since the events of Return of the Jedi. Chewbacca is far more than the faithful Malamute that inspired him. He is one of our favorite heroes from that galaxy far far away. Action Figure Junkies decided to look back and pick out our favorite “Top 10 Chewbacca Action Figures”.

10. Hallmark Chewbacca Ornament
He is the eighth in the Star Wars Collectors Series. Handcrafted by Kristina Kline in 2004, this ornament makes Chewbacca forever a part of your holidays.

9. Gentle Giant Star Wars Jumbo Chewbacca In April of 2011 Gentle Giant released their classic rendition of Kenner’s original Chewbacca figure. Only this time he will be 12 inches tall. Hey, we're all bigger now and so are our toys.

8. Flashback Hoth Chewbacca
In 1995 Star Wars was back in toy stores in full force. This Power of the Force flashback figure finally gave us a Chewbacca with enough ice to make pictures in the snow worth it. This Chewbacca also didn’t look like Bigfoot; much like his predecessor.

7. Shadows of the Empire - Snoova
The Shadows of the Empire
still fascinates us with his marketing campaign. There were toys, books, comics and a video game but no movie. This figure might not actually be the proper height but it did give us a new Chewbacca. If anything “Snoova” made our cantina scenes look a little better.

6. Revenge of the Sith - Chewbacca
Here is one of the better, more modern figures of Chewbacca. Not only does he come with “Wookie Rage” but, he is also superposable. This Chewbacca may be the definitive one for your displaying collection.

5. Chewbacca Unleashed
In 2005 Hasbro released their Unleashed Chewbacca. It is a great sculpt of the character and one of the many gems from that series. The line didn’t last long as it was more for collectors in the vein of McFarlane’s Toys. It is still an incredible rendition of our favorite Wookie.

4. 15-inch Chewbacca by Kenner
The “Space Wookie” was 15 inches tall and dwarfed Darth Vader from the very same line. Complete with crossbow, bandolier and a swinging arm that could knock even Bigfoot on his ass. It pales in comparison to many modern figures, in sculpt and articulation, but this is still a classic.

3. Han and Chewbacca Death Star Escape Here is Chewbacca in a great cinematic display from the original film. It is the perfect accessory for your Millennium Falcon. Just don’t ask them to drive it.

2. 30th Anniversary Ralph McQuarrie Chewbacca No this is not Zeb from Star Wars Rebels, or is it? It all comes back to those original ideas and concepts developed by George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie. This is a figure for the true collector and true fan of Star Wars.

1. The Early Bird Kenner Chewbacca
The Early Bird set held four figures: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and R2-D2. If your parents rolled the dice on Kenner’s mail away offer then Chewbacca was one of your first figures. It all started here with this simple toy. He helped spark your imagination and made Star Wars come to life long after the credits ended.

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