The year of 2018 has come to a close and AFJ looks back at the convention exclusives of that year. Convention exclusives are a crazy gamble for any die-hard Junkie. As we learned in the past year, many New York Comic Con (NYCC) and San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) exclusives either became available online or resurfaced at another retailer. Some, see the TMNT NECA exclusive, became a hotbed of controversy that leads to the very question, on AFJ's Facebook Group, are they really worth it (the hassle)? Below, you will find a cool list of 10 exclusives that range from purchases to swag. We even included one particular item from a tradeshow, Toy Fair. Some of these are still out there. Many are now high priced on the secondary market. We want to know what you got, gave up, and are still hunting for. Sound off in the comment section below! #AFJ4LIFE

SDCC 2018 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-Pack with VHS Packaging

This was a hot one, Junkies. Literally, it set AFJ's Facebook Group on fire. There were multiple chances to pre-order one, but they went quick. We addressed the issue and the problems that many of you had (Seen HERE). We also got the chance to review this set (Seen HERE). It was impressive, however, if you missed it, GameStop released each figure individually. The box and few accessories though, made it all worthwhile.

Funko - Mister Freeze - DC Primal Age - NYCC 2018

To quote Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, "We needs it". What is it about an exclusive, those rare items, that drive us to obtain them? Perhaps it is because you had to buy something from the Funko booth to get one; the line was insane. Win one in a DC raffle; that didn't happen. Maybe it is because Mister Freeze is our favorite Batman villain, so now we have to have one. Regardless of the reason, this warrior Freeze is one part He-Man, one part Crystar, and all fun. Damn you, Funko!

Mezco Toyz - Batman: Ascending Knight - Toy Fair 2018

Which Con was this an exclusive at? Well, it was actually four of them across Europe (the MCM London Comic Con, Comic-Con Paris (France), Lucca Comics & Games (Italy), and at Noris Force Con (Germany)). Thankfully, for those of us in the United States this exclusive two-pack surfaced on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. We know that it is a repaint and repackage for these two figures, however, the package is better than most exclusives (which is why it is here). Thus we now have a Hoth playset. If you are wondering where the SDCC Mynock Hunt exclusive is, please see the following YouTube video as to why it was left off.

FOCO - Batman Knightfall Bobble Head - NYCC 2018
FOCO is new to the superhero and movie collectible market. They have dealt primarily with sports properties. We got a full look at their NYCC booth (see some choice pics HERE) and spoke with their Regional Sales Manager. We were thoroughly impressed and relieved that they "get it". They understand that character and story is what matters and that is why we are loving their bobblehead of "Batman Knightfall". In case you are wondering, the bobble happens on Batman's back! Check out the FOCO site HERE. This exclusive went quick and is now pricey on the secondary market.

Super7 - Alien - Hammerhead Tribute Xenomorph 3.75" ReAction Figure - SDCC 2018

Super7 really does make what all toy collectors dream of. If you need a quick backstory to this one it is simple. Kenner, who made the original Star Wars figures, had the license to produce Alien (1979) toys. They made on giant Xenomorph and nothing else. Rated R movie properties didn't do well as toys then. Super7 picked up the original molds of the unproduced Alien movie action figures and started producing the crew and various version of the Xenomorph. For SDCC, Super7 produced an exclusive that was an homage to the Kenner Star Wars figures and one character, in particular, Hammerhead. Super7 even went so far as to release the figure with collector's coin, just like Kenner did with the last of their Star Wars Return of the Jedi line. This has cool nostalgia all over it.

Funko - Batman Emerald Chrome Pop! - Emerald City Comic Con 2018
With a limited edition of only 1500, this Batman Emerald Chrome Pop! marks the only entry from the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) in Seattle. Pop! exclusives usually skyrocket in price when they debut and settle after a few weeks. This one started out at $400 and has remained at $425 since. The world of Funko Pop! and their collectors is a unique one. It can be marked with great spoils if you know when and where to strike. Apparently, ECCC is a good place to start.

Super7 - Laughing Prince Adam - SDCC 2018

All right, so this one is sort of ridiculous, but we love what Super7 did for the YouTube/ Meme sensation that Prince Adam has become. Super7 took it even one step further, for this SDCC exclusive, they opened the figure up to pre-orders instead of making it a Comic-Con exclusive. Certainly, you had to wait for yours, but it was well worth the smiles when you got him.

Mattel - Thanos Copter - SDCC 2018 Exclusive

Yeah... we still NEED this. This is one of those crazy comic-con exclusives we hoped they made a million of because who wouldn't want this? Yes, this actually happened in 1979's Spidey Super Stories No. 39. Released by Mattel it clearly marked the year of Thanos in the best possible way. FYI, Marvel released a Con only exclusive T-Shirt of Thanos in the copter as well.

Mezco Toyz - Wolverine 5: Ronin - One:12 Collective

Damn, thankfully, AFJ pre-ordered one of these Wolverine 5: Ronin NYCC exclusives. We had a shot at one on the first day of the Con, but since we did the pre-order we figured we had better give someone else a chance. Again, Mezco nails the character with its release.

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