He keeps coming back, Michael Myers. Year after year they keep turning these out films so Michael Myers will always be with us. Thankfully for the die-hard fan, there is a slew of action figures to pick from. The following are AFJ's "Top 10 Halloween Michael Myers Figures" worth picking up. We have to ask, where is the Jamie Lee Curtis two pack? It is sorely missing from our collection. #AFJ4LIFE

10. Funko ReAction Michael Myers
One of the original figures is the ReAction line. I still remember picking one up and thinking, “it’s about time”. Personally, I like bringing him out for the holiday and giving the regular figures a scare. Especially, the original Star Wars Kenner figures.

9. Halloween (2007) Michael Myers Action Figure
We aren’t huge fans of Rob Zombie’s gory rehash but this figure from NECA does have an incredible sculpt. If we are just looking at him as the figure then this one has to make the list. If we were looking at him in relation to the movie, not even close.

8. Halloween - Michael Myers Funko Pop

Of course Funko would Pop unstoppable. Michael Myers is on the cute side, regardless, with all the Star Wars, Superhero, and Golden Girl Pops, it’s nice to old Michael get this treatment.

7. Halloween Michael Myers Head Knocker
Halloween should be fun and these films certainly are, well depending on your point of view. To bring back some of that classic good fun Halloween charm we have chosen NECA’s Head Knocker of Michael.

6. Movie Maniacs Series 2 Halloween Michael Myers Action Figure
This is the first modern figure of John Carpenter’s classic character from McFarlane Toys. There have been many since, but few that lack the simplistic charm that McFarlane brought to life. Plus you gotta love that movie poster and frame.

5. The 18 inch Michael Myers Halloween Action Figure with Sound
He’ll guard your room and alert you to intruders with that perfect John Carpenter score. The only problem is the price. This bad boy is going for a pretty penny right now on eBay and Amazon. Good luck finding one on the cheap.

4. Michael Myers as Bob the Ghost
Number three on my list is NECA’s Michael Myers as “Bob the Ghost”. Not only is this from one of the best death scenes in the original film but it also silences P.J. Soles’s Lynda from saying “totally” for the duration. Thank you Michael for this reprieve!

3. Michael Myers/ Dr. Loomis Halloween Box Set
Not many heroes in horror movies get an action figure. That is why NECA’s meeting between Dr. Samuel Loomis and Michael Myers is number two on my Halloween list. Both characters have become synonymous with Halloween and this combination is perfect.

2. Halloween Michael Myers Evolution of Evil 2-Pack
The perfect alpha and omega to the character is NECA’s evolution of evil two pack. The Judith Myers' tombstone is a nice touch as well. The perfect set of figures to display in your home over the fall. The icing on the cake is that the jack-o-lantern lights up.

1. Mezco One:12 Michael Myers
Arriving to coincide with the new Halloween film, we absolutely loved the fact that Mezco Toyz will be giving Michael Myers the One:12 treatment. It takes out number spot, easy. The photo was taken at the Mezco Booth at NYCC 2017.

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