Top 10 NECA Predator Figures and Accessories We Cannot Live Without

A new Predator film is upon us. With that comes the obligatory comparison to that of the original. We here at AFJ love when new chapters in franchises are released. It gives us the chance to dive into the toy chest and compare the new and the old toys for said franchise. Today we are going to be a little more specific and precise about Predator. This top 10 list is limited to 7-inch scale figures (they do range from 7-9 inches) and accessories created only by NECA*. Certainly, there are a ton more Predator products out there, but we thought we would give NECA their due as they have crafted the best figures and accessories in the past 30 years for the franchise.

*Most people won't even look at that sentence and we are 100% sure those on Facebook will just post their favorites and not even look at the list. Thank you for reading this far! #AFJ4LIFE

Special thanks to Alien vs. Predator Wiki for their fantastic page on the NECA figures!

Predator 30th Anniversary - 7" Scale Action Figure - Hawkins - Limited Edition of 3000

This was one of the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives from NECA. If you know the franchise, you know that the actor who played Rick Hawkins is Shane Black. Black is now the director of the latest installment in the franchize, The Predator. That reason doesn't place him on our list. It is the fact that we got a member of Dutch's team is why he makes our list. We need more of those characters NECA!

Predator – 7” Scale Action Figures – Ultimate Bad Blood vs Enforcer 2-Pack
Certainly, it is a top 10 list, but you are actually getting more figures that you expected here from AFJ. Our first two pack is from Dark Horse’s Predator: Bad Blood comic book. Here we have Ultimate Bad Blood and Ultimate Enforcer, who each come with an ample selection of accessories. Let's face it, Junkies, NECA and the Predators are both all about the accessories, these two figures are a great combination of that.

Predator – Bone Throne Diorama Element

We had said accessories and we meant it. We first saw the bone throne at NECA's Toy Fair 2018 display (the top picture is ours). This thing is awesomely wicked and a fantastic centerpiece in which to display your army of Predator figures. It just has so much story in the details. Of course, the grandest thing about the whole throne is the Alien Queen's head fin is at the center of it all. The throne is over 14-inches tall and fits most of NECA's Predators. Order yours HERE.

Alien vs Predator (Arcade Appearance) – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Predator Assortment

If you were a child of the eighties you grew up with this awesome R-Rated movie called Predator. the R rating was more or less for the gore and violence, not about the nudity or swearing. So it became this gateway horror film. A film that allowed you into the world of R-Rated films and all the fun you could have. What no one counted on was this R-Rated film crossing over into a younger audience and producing the likes of spin-off video games. This is why we have NECA's Predator Assortment of Alien vs Predator (Arcade Appearance). Here we have the Mad Predator boss, and playable characters Predator Warrior and Predator Hunter. We first saw these at Toy Fair 2018 and new we had to have them. This three-pack is just arriving at retailers now. Order a set HERE.

Predator – 7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Jungle Hunter

This is the one, Junkies! NECA has brought back the classic Predator from the first film. However, they upgraded him, just a tad. "The Ultimate Hunter has received the “Ultimate” treatment, including additional articulation in the biceps (bicep swivels), elbows (double elbow joints) and torso, plus an opening gauntlet! Comes with interchangeable heads and hands, plus skull and spine, mask, cannon blast effect, human skull, and removable backpack. Collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap". He is fantastic. Certainly, your original NECA Predator has that special place in your heart, but who wouldn't want an upgrade. This Predator is up for Pre-Order NOW.

Predator - 7" scale action figure 30th anniversary - Jungle Demon

This limited edition action figure marked the 30th anniversary of the original Predator movie and was one of two figures AFJ reviewed on #PredatorDay 2018 (watch the review HERE)! These are our own pictures above, Junkies. The Jungle Demon is the figure you want or wanted and have to have. Good luck finding one of the secondary markets! 

Jungle Disguise Dutch Action Figure

NECA certainly has capitalized on their likeness Arnold Schwarzenegger by releasing a figure of every outfit his character Dutch wore, from the moment he arrived to the moment he killed the Predator. "Jungle Disguise Dutch" may not have the most or best accessories of some of his other incantations, he just happens to have the right ones. 

Dutch VS Jungle Hunter The Final Battle Predator
We found this two-pack to be, at one time, a Toys R Us Exclusive. So that little silver sticker on the bubble, now, may just add some value to your collection. As far as these figures go, "The Final Battle" says it all. NECA, really does utilize everything in their cache to bring scenes and moments from movies to life. If you want to cry foul on a cleaned up version of "Jungle Disguise Dutch" and some neon paint on a Predator figure, think about how many times you have bought Han Solo from the first Star Wars movie since 1995? With gloves, without gloves, with the stormtrooper belt, with big shoulders... 

Predator Accessory Pack PVC Action Figure
To this point, we had only one Predator accessory on the list (the Bone Throne). This one, above, would be the accessory we would gladly buy more than one of.  Yes, that is a skinned victim. The figure alone would make a great "Frank the Monster" from Hellraiser (san the clothes, obviously). However this isn't just a first Predator accessory movie pack, it is one for the second film as well. Hence the Xenomorph skull and the two different Plasma Cannon blast effects. Need one? NECA is still selling them on their Amazon store HERE.
Set includes:

  • • Brand-new “skinned victim” accessory
  • • Plasma cannon blast effects that attach to most Predator 1 and Predator 2 cannons
  • • Xenomorph Skull; Human Skull; Bloody Skull and Spine; Non-Bloody Skull and Spine

Predator – 7″ Scale Action Figure – 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comic Book Predator
NECA teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Predator comic book with a special release. "
The Dark Horse mini-series followed NYPD Detective Schaefer (Dutch’s brother), whose investigation of a string of brutal murders leads him to an army of Predators ready to converge on the city". This 8-inch figure was painted in his comic book likeness and came with an instantly recognizable window display box. These are available on NECA's Amazon store HERE. However, we have seen them at FYE from time to time. 

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    Alien vs. Predator June 29, 2019 at 8:08 am

    Good list, although I would include the NECA Predator Trophy Wall with all of it’s skulls (sold separately). I believe they were released a long time ago are now hard to acquire. The Bone Throne is frigging great and you can just sit your favorite Predator there.

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