Top 10 Shark Toys for The Meg (a Blatant Tie-In List Article)

Hello Junkies, as the summer is winding down, we are scrambling to find some tie-in toy pieces. After all, we can’t always talk about how many Marvel Legends there are, and how hard the DC Multiverse waves are to locate. With the giant shark movie, The Meg, arriving in theaters, we thought Shark toys. Yes, shark toys! So below, is our blatant tie-in for The Meg and our top 10 shark toys. Be honest, how many of these do you own? #AFJ4LIFE

Tiger Shark - Marvel Legends - Hasbro
You have to give to Hasbro and Marvel, Todd Arliss (aka Tiger Shark) is a character that barely warrants a figure, but here he is. Part of the Ultron Build-A-Figure wave, it is still a solid figure but only really something for the die-hard collectors.

King Shark - DC Multiverse - Mattel
If there were a serious top 10 list, the King Shark Build-A-Figure would be in the top 3, easy. If only Mattel sunk as much effort into their regular figures the DC multiverse line really would compete with Hasbro's Marvel Legends.

Jaws (James Bond) - Pop! - Funko
Jaws (the late great Richard Kiel) makes our list only because of his name. Seriously, we are making a shark toy list and the film Jaws (1975) comes to mind and then we go to the Bond henchmen. See, these top 10 lists are cake! Order Jaws HERE.

Great White Shark & Quint (Bloody) - ReAction - Funko
A fantastic ReAction figure, and perhaps the best, is the bloody variant of the Shark and Quint (Robert Shaw). It's a secondary market find now, Junkies, best of luck!

Sharkticons - Transformers G1 - Hasbro

Oh, Gnaw. When you first came out you had a Decepticon sticker on you. Which wasn't true. Nor was the fact that you had your own personality. In fact, the Sharkticons were mindless warriors that worked for the Quintessons. Why Hasbro made these figures at such a high price point is beyond me ($20 range). The Sharkticons belonged in the under $10 category. 

Tiger Shark - G.I.Joe - Hasbro

We get the repurposing of old product (die-hard fans will know this is the Cobra Water Moccasin), but why would G.I. Joe, in the continuity of the storyline, do this? It also has bright and obvious colors, not really the thing for a covert government task force.  

Ripster (Mail Away 12-inch Talking) Street Sharks - Mattel

This is one of the serious items on our top 10 list. Check out Daniel Edward's full-on interview with the Street Sharks Creator Joe Galliani HERE on AFJ. You will then know why we picked the 12-inch Ripster for this list.

The Game of Jaws - Board Game - Ideal
If you have never played The Game of Jaws, you clearly weren't a child of the eighties. This game is only surpassed by Alligator the Game (seen HERE). The irony here is, you are basically re-enacting the moment when Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Brody (Roy Schneider) gut the Tiger Shark, not the Great White.

Shark Attack Figure Playset - Animal Planet
There are times when Animal Planet has some great toys. We went through the majority of their shark-related toys (many of which could have bumped Jaws (the Bond villain) and Tiger Shark (both Hasbro versions above) off this list. "Shark Attack Figure Playset" was our favorite. You not only get two sharks but a full on diving cage. 

Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark Retro Action Figure

Aquaman vs. a great white! How great is this retro two-pack? We say Retro because it was just made available. It seems almost criminal to not have Aquaman or one of his villains on top 10 shark list, but we found Arthur Curry here at the 11th hour! Order this two-pack HERE. Wow, does the shark here remind us of that Jaws game above, or what?

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