Top 10 Star Wars: The Black Series of 2018

It was literally a fantastic year for the Star Wars: The Black Series line. Not only were Star Wars fans able to complete the Bounty Hunter scene from The Empire Strikes Back, but new vehicles and a creature emerged. The big difference between 2017 and 2018 was the "Photo Real" paint-application which resulted in stunning likenesses of our heroes and villains. Below you will find a hard list of the Top 10 Black Series figures for 2018. It was a tough list, nailing down just 10, as we know we could have done 20 figures easy. #AFJ4LIFE

Up until now, the only time Dengar appears on any list was Black Series figures we needed or one of lame Star Wars characters. Whoever Hasbro put in charge of crafting Dengar smacked a home run out of the park. Yes, Dengar is a hot figure and one that all fans of the Star Wars Saga and the figure line need to have. ORDER HERE

Rebel Fleet Trooper
Clearly one for troop building, but we are amazed that Hasbro used the "Photo Real" process on this nameless soldier. We just recently acquired him for the collection and we are in awe. Again, who would have thunk that this guy would be a hot figure, let alone make the Top 10 of the year. He is also a prime candidate for kitbashing! ORDER HERE

Tobias Beckett
In a word, wow. Not only does the "Photo Real" capture Woody Harrelson's likeness to perfection, the details of the figure: the coat, the holsters, and the jacket are incredibly intricate. Regardless of whether or not you like Solo: A Star Wars Story, you will want this figure, once you see it in person. ORDER HERE

Lando Calrissian - Skiff Disguise

At long last Billy Dee Williams received his first Black Series figures, in the Bespin outfit, but this is the one we were all waiting for. Why? He adds to the atmosphere of Jabba's Palace for one and the other is how much he looks Williams. Once again, we have incredible details, which sounds repetitive, but this is a Top 10 list after all. ORDER HERE

General Veers - Walgreens Exclusive

In some ways, this body sculpt has really opened the door for Hasbro to crank out numerous Imperial Commanders. In the last two years, we have had Grand Admiral Thrawn, Adrimal Piett, Grand Moff Tarkin, and now General Veers (is Grand Moff Jerjerrod next?). This Walgreens exclusive appears to either be elusive or overstocked depending on where you live. In our corner of the world (Philadelphia), General Veers is a rarity. We need another one, he's perfect, yet we want one in the box and one to take out in the snow.

Sandtrooper and Dewback
Not the first beast for the Black Series line, but the biggest to date! Is a Bantha in the works? Will we see an Obi-Wan and Boga two-pack in 2019? Not only was the Dewback a beast of a release, but the Sandtrooper featured a new, more realistic sculpt as well. Clearly, Hasbro needs to release more troopers in this fashion. See AFJ's video review HERE. ORDER HERE

Zuckuss - Toys R Us Exclusive (Canada)/ Disney Store Exclusive
So tiny and perfect is Zuckuss. What got collectors riled up was that Zuckuss (and two other Black Series figures) was released first in Canada. The price went up pretty quick and the Canadian fans we rubbing it in too. In November, Zuckuss (and the others) arrived at the Disney Store. Easily available, but nonetheless a fantastic rendition of a character who has had more comic book and novel stories than movie screen time.

Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike

Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have done the business of The Last Jedi or even Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but damn if Hasbro didn't bring to action figure life, Enfys Nest and her Swoop Bike. This bike is a marvel of intricate painted plating, tubes, and poles. The stand, though not original in concept, is also extremely welcomed. Enfys Nest, herself, is complete with cloth cape and fuzzy cloak. Hasbro is killing it with The Black Series, which may end up being the true death of Star Wars 3.75" figure line. ORDER HERE

With as humdrum as a C-3PO figure is, slap a bug-eyed head one, a dash of dirty silver paint, and a rifle and you have one badass Bounty Hunter. It seems odd that two years before the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back that Hasbro greenlighted two bounty hunters (he and Zuckuss) and re-released a third (IG-88). 4-LOM is an impressive sight and his articulation is incredible. ORDER HERE

Gamorrean Guard - Target Exclusive
The Gamorrean Guard was a hot figure in the Summer of 2018. Dubbed the "Piggie" he now sits and waits on every Target shelf for the discount gun. Not because he is a bad figure, but the price, $29.99, keeps him there. Soon there will be reports of his sale, we hope, and armies of "Piggies" will start to populate social media.


Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa - European Con Exclusive

Which Con was this an exclusive at? Well, it was actually four of them across Europe (the MCM London Comic Con, Comic-Con Paris (France), Lucca Comics & Games (Italy), and at Noris Force Con (Germany)). Thankfully, for those of us in the United States this exclusive two-pack surfaced on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. We know that it is a repaint and repackage for these figures, however, the package is better than most exclusives (which is why it gets an honorable mention). Thus we now have a Hoth playset.

If you are wondering where the Comic-Con 2018 Mynock Hunt exclusive is, please see the following YouTube video as to why it was left off.

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