It is that time again, Junkies. The Holiday Season is here and many of us get a buying moratorium until after the holiday is over. Despite this practice, many of our family and friends get real hesitant as to what to get us as gifts. Sure they may know that we like Star Wars, DC Comics, or Marvel Legends, however, they don't know all that we have. They are shy about buying us what they know we like because we may already have it. The following 10 items are sure-fire hits that they cannot go wrong with. #AFJ4LIFE

Figure Shield
Without a doubt, they need these. Whether they are storing your figures or displaying them, after 1 minute with one of these items they'll want a dozen more. AFJ did a full view review, HERE, the link to purchase them is HERE.

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994
Mark Bellomo's 3rd edition, hardcover, guide of every G.I. Joe product is more than just a guide to Hasbro's incredible line from 1982-1994, it is a portal to their childhood. The memories of days spent in the backyard with friends and adventures long ago are an incredible gift. I'll admit it, I got misty looking back at all the toys I once had. Not because of their financial worth they now have, but for all the good times I had with Snake Eyes, Beachhead, Stormshadow, and Zartan. Order it HERE.

We'll bet you all our Christmas gifts that your toy collector, loves to take photographs of their unboxed figures. Outside of the occasional snow storm and forest, everything else is pretty much set in the living room. Well, now you can give them a leg up on their photography by supplying them with an Extreme-Set. You can pick from street scenes to a certain Cybertronian spaceship, giving their figures a new environment in which to dwell. Order an Extreme-Set HERE from their official site.

Alien Blind Box 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure

There are numerous Blind Box figures out there. Practically one for every property you can think of. Now this one might be a tad straightforward, only one type of figure/ character but it has that right bit of charm for the new Blind Box collector. Molded from the old unproduced Alien Kenner line, Super7's 3 3/4-Inch Xenomorph ReAction Figure has the right bit of holiday surprise for the collector who has it all. Order HERE from EE. Order HERE from Super7.

Help Build their Army

We pictured the Star Wars Black Series figures as an example (above) but the same could go for any series of figures from any toy line that features nameless foot soldiers. Why? These nameless/ faceless characters are fantastic to have multiple versions of. In short, help your collector build their army. No toy collector cares if they get the same figure when it comes to "troopers". In fact, they are more than likely to break out the new one right then and there and start playing with it. The Stormtrooper (far left) is currently at the Disney Store, HERE, and the other two Rogue One Troopers can be found at Five Below, HERE, and at their locations.

Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership Kit
Now, this is just awesome. Not only would you be getting your collector an exclusive Marvel Legend they will also receive two variant Venom covers (Black Panther #1 and Venom #1) as well as an exclusive Fantastic Four "4" Patch and Thing Pin. Oh and a full year of Marvel Unlimted (that's a huge database of Marvel's library that they can read from their mobile device). In short a cool toy and comics for a year! Order it HERE from

Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper - Talking Darth Vader Clapper

Absolutely ridiculous and perfect for the Star Wars fan who you think has everything. This literally debuted the week of Thanksgiving. Get one now and supply the collector's toy room with the Dark Lord of the Sith! Order one HERE

Foco's The Dark Knight Bobblehead
Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" is a seminal book in the history of comics. More than likely, your collector has it sitting in a place of reverence on the shelf. Recently we reviewed this Bobblehead of Batman, from Foco, (seen HERE) and, without a doubt, know that your Batman/ comic book fan will love to have it on display as well. Order it HERE.

Star Wars Mini Droid Blind Packs

What more Blind Box toys? Yes, however, this is more one to give your co-workers. Star Wars is pretty much beloved by everyone, at least the original trilogy is. These are relatively inexpensive ($4.95/ea) and great to hand out to everyone at the office. They already know that you are the toy guy at work, why not be a Jawa Santa Clause and supply everyone with their own droid? So, yes this is one to give, however, if you have a lot of toy collector friends, this makes a great surprise gift too. Besides who doesn't want another droid? Order a case HERE from the Disney Store.

A Subscription Box

These are a fantastic gift and one that can either be a one time present or something for the entire year. There are two services that we recommend, each comes with a wide variety of properties. Funko (HERE) always comes with an exclusive POP!, that usually goes up in value on the secondary market, with properties such as Marvel, DC Comics, Walt Disney, and Star Wars. Lootcrate is a bit more for the adult collector who doesn't want the kitschiness of Funko. There isn't a POP! but usually, there is a collectible figure. HERE you will find Marvel and DC Comics, however, there is also Star Trek, Universal Monsters as well as Dungeons and Dragons (to name but a few).

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