Before we get into the list, can we consider the Power of the Force line, that re-ignited the toy franchise in 1995, vintage? I do, considering it was over 20 years ago and many of those initial figures were terrible. Remember monkey-faced Leia or the Han and Luke that looked like they were on steroids? The vehicles in that line were far superior to their seventies and eighties counterparts. The answer is yes, they will be considered today. Here is “AFJ’s Top 10 Vintage Star Wars Toys” you’ll need to create an awesome Solo: A Star Wars Story display.

Now, from the trailer, we knew that Chewbacca is 190 years old. In A New Hope he is 200. That places Solo: A Star Wars Story 10 years before the adventures of the first (4th) Star Wars film. So many of these "weapons" would already be in service of the Empire. Enjoy junkies and hopefully, you have most of these already. #AFJ4LIFE

10. Tri-Pod Laser Cannon
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon
This is one of the easiest mini-rigs to find and one of the coolest. The one pictured is from Empire and was released all the way through Jedi. There is even a POTF version of this gun, complete with Snowtrooper. It is probably also the cheapest thing on our list. Which is great, because that means picking up more than one is ideal for the establishing a great display.

9. Cardboard Death Star Playset (1979)
Cardboard Death Star Playset (1979)
Originally released by Palitoy overseas, this was the Death Star to young fans, not the Kenner version. It has a retro coolness to it and to be honest, it has some pretty cool backdrops. Sure now there are tons of secondary sites that create awesome scenes for our figures, however, this is the real deal and a perfect place to display your 3.75" figures (old and new).

8. Imperial Troop Transporter (1979)/ Attack Vehicle: Imperial Troop Transport

This was one Star Wars toy I got as a kid that I absolutely loved. First of all, it was an Imperial vehicle that wasn't the TIE Fighter, it had sound effects, it carried my troops, and I was the only one who had one in the neighborhood. Certainly, this toy is one of the off-camera toys, like the mini-rings, but it is awesome. I’m not the only who loves it. Supervising director of The Clone Wars and Rebels, Dave Filoni, had it included in Rebels and it has become a toy again. It is the perfect thing to bring additional troops to the swamp planet of Mimban.

7. TIE Bomber
potj tie bomber
On the night that Hasbro released their new figures for Episode II: Attack of the Clones, this TIE surfaced. A very determined guy, who had a spreadsheet with serial numbers on it, wanted the clerk to open one particular box that was still on a skid. In that box was the TIE Bomber. I didn’t know it was getting a release, it was 2002 and release information wasn’t as finite as it is today. When the clerk started stacking them, they were glorious. 

6. Legacy Collection Vehicle Boxed TIE Interceptor (with Pilot)
Legacy Collection Vehicle Boxed TIE Interceptor (with Pilot)
This Toys R Us exclusive was certainly not the first TIE Interceptor, but I really appreciate it coming with a pilot. I always thought it was odd that Kenner never produced a figure for the TIE Fighter until The Empire Strikes Back, considering how heavily they played into the finale of A New Hope. I also wondered why Star Wars toys never came with a figure, back in the day. This is a perfect rendition of the ship and its pilot.

5. Shadows of the Empire: Dash Rendar's Outrider

Originally released in 1997, as part of the Shadows of the Empire line, is the Corellian ship, the Outrider. This was Dah Rendar's ship and an interesting mix of the Millenium Falcon and a B-Wing. Why this Star Wars oddity? Clearly, we are going to visit Corellia in the film, we need some background ships and this is perfect! 

4. Star Wars The Legacy Collection - All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)
In 2009, with the prequels done, The Clone Wars series was the only viable Star Wars property, there wasn’t much call for original trilogy toys. This one here, a Wal-Mart exclusive, may have slipped by you. It is more realistic, seats two, and ideally the one you need to mop up the insurgents on Jedha.

3. Star Wars Legacy Collection TIE Fighter with Pilot
Star Wars Legacy Collection TIE Fighter with Pilot
Since we now have an Imperial Ground Crew figure, imagine a hanger full of these bad boys. If only there was a Death Star hanger playset. What really bothers me about this TIE is that I never saw it one at a Target (their exclusive). Was 2009 was the year of blink and you’ll miss them fantastic Star Wars toys?

2. Star Wars 174 Imperial AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle
Star Wars 174 Imperial AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport VehicleYes, we know there is an another AT-AT, the AT-ACT for Rogue One, however, this one is badass. We also know that to truly have an incredible display of power for the Empire, the more AT-ATs you have the better. This one has it all and worth every penny.

1. The Imperial Shuttle
Imperial Shuttle
This one may be pushing it, but it is, nonetheless, and benchmark of the Imperial fleet. Now there are variations on it see at the end of The Clone Wars and in Star Wars Rebels, so perhaps some customizing might have to take place. As long as you have any version of this shuttle you are golden, and there are at least 4 four different ones out there.

Have a favorite vintage Star Wars toy that you feel will add to your Solo: A Star Wars Story display? Add it to the comments below! 

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