Toy Hunting: The DC Multiverse Rookie Wave (and the Rick Flagg Plethora)

As many of you know, who follow us on Instagram, we have been toy hunting the Rookie Wave from the DC Multiverse line. This line is the latest batch of figures to appear at Five Below stores. As of late, by omission from their own employees and the former  "exclusives" that have been appearing, Five Below is now selling full cases of what was once sitting at Toys R Us warehouses (at the very least marked for stores).

While out hunting the rarest figure of this wave, The Reaper (pictured above, center), we noticed one thing, a lot of Suicide Squad Rick Flagg figures. This figure (below, right) was at one time, actually, a Walmart exclusive. Just how many Rick Flaggs did Mattel make? Seriously, out of all the characters from the Suicide Squad movie (which was released in August of 2016) why did Mattel and DC Entertainment spotlight this non-superhuman character for a figure, let alone mass produce him? There certainly wasn't a kid focus group for this line of figures, was there? Besides, what kid would pick a toy soldier toy over say The Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, or even Deadshot (all in the same wave)? Outside of being a great figure to either kitbash or custom, Rick Flagg may be worse than Hasbro's Black Series Constable Zuvio. Zuvio at least as the moniker of Star Wars behind him and he makes a great background character. As it comes to Rick Flagg, he's doomed forever to sit at Five Below, even after you buy 5 of them.

We've decided in our most toy hunt to count all the Rick Flagg figures. The full totals are below Junkies. However, we will not count the same store twice going forward. Follow along with our new hashtag#howmanyrickflaggsdidmattellmake!

Locations: 5
Rick Flaggs: 40
Current number available on Five Below's website: 30
Grand Total of Rick Flaggs: 70 (which is too many).
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