AFJ decided to highlight the last 6 months of Toys R Us with our own coverage ranging from everything from Instagram posts, articles, and YouTube news stories. When we started at the beginning of 2018, we knew Toys R Us was in trouble. None of us imagined that it will be gone in 6 months.

Take note that "Scroll>>>" means there is more than one image in the Instagram post.

Our first post starts out January 26th of 2018 and completely highlights one of TRU's biggest issues, their inability to liquidate outdated product. A quick to trip to the Victorville California Toys R Us showed us that no TRU was in need of Hasbro's Black Series Constable Zuvio. Scroll>>>

January 27th, AFJ found that TRU certainly wasn't immune to people stealing the Build-A-Figure Piece.

January 28th, things seemed pretty normal as the world and Toys R Us prepared for Marvel's Black Panther.

On February 14th, we found our first GameStop Deadpool Back in Black Marvel Legends at TRU. Oh and plenty more Constable Zuvios.

Again, we found ourselves at TRU with an overabundance of Star Wars toys that were nearly two years old. Scroll>>>

Here is our "Into the Wild" episode that features our visit to Toys R Us. Video>>>

February 15th, the writing was clearly on the wall as we saw a HEROES figures on the shelf. Those particular figures were dated from 2008! It was also the first markdown of the Star Wars Sandspeeder! Scroll>>>

February 21st, our toy hunting YouTube show, "Into the Wild"  featured a trip to Toys R Us. Video>>>

February 23rd, we further saw that TRU was clearing out the backrooms and warehouses.

March 9th, AFJ discussed the current state of Toys R Us in a special Facebook Live. Video>>>

March 10th, TRU was still getting new products, though this may have been their last Marvel Legends wave. Oh and again we find that "Exclusive" GameStop Deadpool at TRU!

March 11th, we hit a perfect Constable Zuvio Flush! We actually found nine figures of the 9th member of the Black Series!

Again on March 11th, we hit a different TRU, only this one, at the time, was not scheduled to close.

Not closing, but the problems are the same.

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March 14th, we took to Facebook to address our community on just what "liquidation" meant to Toys R Us. Video>>>

March 15th, we thought it was time to use those TRU Reward points we had accumulated.

I guess we better use these. #afj4life #toysrus #toysruskid

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March 15th, our Jedi Junkie, Bob Trate, was thrilled the Reward points and sale paid off! Scroll>>>

Here is our Special episode of "Into the Wild" where Bob wanted to use his TRU Reward points (from above) before they expire. Video>>>

On St. Patrick's Day the news was everywhere that many of TRUs were closing. MJ Ortiz captured the first big push by buyers to get in on the deals. Video>>>

On March 22nd, the founder of Toys R Us, Charles Lazarus passed away. It was the same day that Reward Coupons became null "Customers will no longer be able to use Rewards coupons, effective March 22, 2018". - Toys R

Thank you Charles Lazarus. You and your creation will not be forgotten.

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On March 23rd, the full-on liquidation of every TRU had begun. For those of that shopped at the store, 5% and 10% off was not a deal to be had. At this point, all sales became final. Scroll>>>

March 29th, we were given official notice that the Toys R Us website, not really a bright spot for online shopping, was closed. "The Company’s and web stores were shut down for customer purchases effective March 29, 2018." - Toys R

The #endisnigh for #toysrus as their website is now closed. #afj4life

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April 14, (we know nearly two weeks without a TRU post?) everything Geoffrey, the company's giraffe spokesmen, has become a hot item. Whether it be dolls, POPs or baby toys, the hunt for a memento was on. Ironically enough, this was the one item that loyal shoppers would have paid full price for (it was actually discounted more).

April 16th, our closest TRU, the Burlington, NJ location, closed.

Sad day, junkies. This #toysrus is closed now.

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April 21st, the first of many "liquidation items" start to surface, items that were clearly not a TRU a month ago, but littered the stores from sea to shining sea. This is the same day that Gift Cards and e-Cards were done. "Gift cards, including e-gift cards, will be honored through and including April 21, 2018". - Toys R Scroll>>>

April 22nd, another Geoffrey found his wave to a member of the AFJ Crew!

April 27, did Constable Zuvio, alone, bring down TRU? He might have, which would have to lead us to believe that it was an inside job.

April 28th, with Constable Zuvio, finally, on sale, AFJ "Hands On" critic Baylee Alger picked up a Zuvio for his own collection.

May 4th, Star Wars Day 2018. We had a full on Toy Hunt that day, Junkies, at several different stores. However, the chance to hit a tax-free Delaware TRU was too good to pass up. It was here that we encountered a lot Phoenix X-Men figures. Video>>>

@toysrus part 1! So many #marvellegends #phoenix

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Part 2 @toysrus #utron vs #ultron #marvelvscapcom #funko #pop

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@toysrus part 3! #theclaw!

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May 7th, we got the official word from a remaining manager at TRU about what the next few weeks were going to entail. We shared it with our community.

May 12th, another update from inside source who filled us in on when prices would drop.

May 16th, we are back at our favorite TRU, the Cherry Hill location. Bob, the Jedi Junkie, encounters his first Star Wars Black Series Tie Fighter. Again, the liquidation company brought in new product. Product that was over 2 years old and not there the week before. Video>>>

@toysrus part 1 what will we find??

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@toysrus part 2, bob so mad.

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@toysrus games hit 40% #toysrus

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May 17th, MJ and Evan find the exclusive and highly coveted Toys R Us Hydra Marvel Legends Two-Pack at the Princeton, NJ TRU. Video>>>

May 20th, one location, Wyomissing, PA had way too many Sandspeeders. Scroll>>>

May 26th, the Toys R Us outlet is officially gone.

Another @toysrus closed. #tru #toysrusclosing #afj4life

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May 26th, the Exton, PA location was our first encounter of the Spider-Man 2 sticker books. This sticker book is from 2004! 2004!


May 30th, Memorial Day weekend we saw a huge jump in the acquisition of Star Wars Black Series Tie-Fighters. The big deal, for this, a one-time $150.00 toy, that was over two years old, was numerous locations had them from anywhere from $12.50 to $75.00. the liquidation company had changed the price with a new sticker and new SKU. However, the original sale price was still in TRU's system. AFJ conducted a special Facebook live to talk about this as one of our Evan Liss got it for $12.50 and it had no liquidation sticker.

June 1st, we return to the Cherry Hill, NJ location and encountered a liquidation company sticker. These stickers were their way of keeping certain items at a higher price point, even with the storewide discount. Just how many T-Rex Battlezords did they make? Video>>>

#toysrus #toyhunt what could we find?

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What did we find at #toysrus? Nada so far!

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#toysrus 30 days and counting #theendisnigh

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June 6th, only 24 days to go and the TRU, at the largest mall in the United States, is a looking bare. Scroll>>>

June 8th, more and more of the same action figures and toys. Scroll>>>

June 14th, back to the Cherry Hill, NJ location. Yikes.


June 19th, we ventured to the Montgomeryville, PA location. More and more of the same, Power Rangers!

June 19th, we had sound issues, sorry. “Let’s see what’s left with 10 days to go”. In the end, Bob says “it’s mostly Babies R Us stuff". 10 days to go at TRU. What’s left at the largest mall (King of Prussia) in the United States location? Video>>>

June 20th, we take a drive to the Franklin Mills, PA store. We find a discarded video game under an endcap. Video>>>

June 21st, West Coast Junkie, Josh Turchetta found 6 Black Series Tie Fighters at $60.00 each at the Burbank, CA location. Scroll>>>

June 22nd, we captured some of our saddest pictures at the Cherry Hill, NJ store. We also were informed that no store, after the 25th of June, would accept cash, checks, or debit cards. Scroll>>>

June 22nd, the King of Prussia TRU is now just a shell of the mighty retail location it once was. Scroll>>>

June 23rd, the Wyomissing, PA location had little to offer except a vintage shopping basket with Geoffrey on it. Scroll>>>

June 24th, we hit Deptford, NJ with only 6 days left and still find a few Constable Zuvios that need a home. Scroll>>>

June 24th, with 5 days remaining the Wyomissing, PA location has plenty of Power Rangers T-Rex Battle Zords. Who thought that toy was a good idea, really? Scroll>>>

June 24th, the Vineland, NJ store had the first "TAKE BACK TRU" flyer. We reached out to them, but they did not get back to us for a comment. We did find a Robb Stark from Game of Thrones though!

June 25th, with only 5 days remaining AFJ decided to "pop some bottoms" and see if there were any decent items discarded, hidden or stashed away. We did find something from 1991 as well as a 1 cent Marvel Legend! This was the Princeton, NJ location. Video>>>



June 26th, the end was nigh, Junkies, but we decided to give it a go. Bob found a Star Wars figure he actually needed. This was Evan's TRU in Deptford, NJ. We also noticed that there were still a few TRU exclusives that nobody wanted. Video>>>


June 27th, we received (what was) the final email from Toys R Us, 90% off.

June 27th, Bob headed out to the Toys R Us in King of Prussia, home of the largest mall in America. He did not get very far. Video >>>

June 28th, we ventured to tax-free Delaware to see what was left with 2 days to go. Video>>>



June 29th, we ventured out to the Cherry Hill, NJ location for one last visit. It was all for not.

It’s the end, junkies. #toysrus is dead in America. #rip

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Nearly 6 months to the day AFJ covered the demise of Toy R Us. It was more than a just a store for us. It was a place with delight and wonder; which is what we will always remember about it.

Who is up for a road trip to the closest Canadian store? #TRU4EVER

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