Toys ‘R’ Us Lenders Plan Brand’s Revival

I personally heard something about it on the radio, during the business report, and the Wall Street Journal has a story about it now. So it appears there may be some life let in the old girl yet (that is unless you live in Canada, have a Toys “R” Us, and are living in the golden age of exclusives).

From the WSJ: "A group of hedge funds in line to take control of Toys “R” Us—the same group that pulled the plug on the retailer’s reorganization this year—intends to revive the business behind the Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us brand names.

The retailer said in court papers filed Monday that while it received qualified bids for assets—which include the brand names of Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, registry lists, website domains, Geoffrey the Giraffe and other assets—it has opted to forgo a much-anticipated bankruptcy auction for its brand..." (read the full article HERE).

AFJ's Take: Certainly, we would love to have Toys “R” Us come back. However, the problem wasn't solely Toys “R” Us' business model. No, the fault lies with the toy industry and how ill-prepared it still is since the wold became such a larger marketplace. With all the exclusive deals, international sales, restrictions on who, where, and how many you can sell, Toys “R” Us was just the first to fall. Should we bother to get into who is actually buying tiny plastic representations of superheroes and spacemen? #AFJ4LIFE

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