To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Batman (#Batman80, #LongLiveTheBat), AFJ has decided to join in the fun with columns, lists, and reviews from now until Batman Day (Sept. 15th, 2019). The incredible thing about 80 years of Batman, in pop culture, is that we can literally feature anything from comics to movies to the Penguin Mobile. Yes, the Penguin had his own car (Google it Millenials). Today, we turn our attention to an action figure from 2010. Enjoy Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

By Rick Alaia
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This week we're going to take a look at one of my personal grail figures. I know that word gets thrown out there a lot, but it certainly fits the bill.
Two-Face Batman, from the Batman Reborn series from DC Direct. DC Direct was DC Collectibles before they were DC Collectibles.
During the time when Bruce Wayne was “killed” they teased Two-Face in a red and blue Batman costume as part of the storyline. He was eventually revealed at the end of Batman #690 and explained in #691. He was a hallucination by the new Batman sadly. I thought the character trying to be the new Batman would've been some serious new side to Two-Faces madness. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.
Imagine my surprise however when DC Direct put out promo images from a new line of figures that was called Batman Reborn.

Now I'll be honest. The promo pics were kinda lackluster to me. I was still going to get it, but man I thought he could've been done a lot better. When July 2010 rolled around I was in my local comic shop and grabbed Jason Todd Batman who was on the shelf. I didn't see Two-Face anywhere. I said to myself “sold out already? Damn, I was in here 10 minutes after opening!”

Turns out the owner got interrupted stocking by a phone call. After he talked to me for a bit about how cool that figure looked, I swiped my card and took my treasures home. Originally Jason Todd was the figure I was most excited for with Two-Face coming in a close second. After opening them though, Two-Face was the winner hands down. The articulation was there. The paint apps were crisp. It is just an all-around odd but cool looking figure.
Now I know some folks were hating on the way that the costume looked, but honestly, I thought and still think it fits and should've gotten a little more traction in the books.

I gave this figure to a friend of mine when they were sick. I hated to part with it. Secretly having my own personal Bilbo Baggins moment. “After all, I found it. Why shouldn't I keep it?” Lol, but if me giving my buddy something that could bring him joy, I was all for it.
The prices for this figure are insane now. I mean it is almost 10 years later, but still crazy. I was able to luckily get him again for just above retail with an eBay coupon last summer. He now resides on my bedroom wall. Still sealed and never to be opened… least will I'm still around. It's one of those rare occasions that I've kept a figure sealed. If you can get it for a decent price snag it. You won't be disappointed. #LongLiveTheBat

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