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Visionaries was an obscure toy line from the Eighties that had a fantastic look. Sadly, it failed to connect with its audience. I read the comic book tie-in and loved the backstory and set up for this brave new world. This is one toy line, story-wise, that could use a reboot. Sadly, Hasbro seems to get really excited about the property and then lets it fall to the wayside. At Comic-Con in 2016, the Mighty Mugg below surfaced as an exclusive. Yet, nothing else ever really came to light for the property. So sit back and enjoy either a trip down memory lane or your first foray into the world of the Visionaries! #AFJ4LIFE

Here is what I remember about the toy line, from the comic book. A world set in the future where its people are too dependent on technology. Since mankind has lost its way a new dawn is ushered in by Merklynn who collapses technology and begins a new dark age. Mankind is forced to rebuild with the metal and useless technology of the old world. Merklynn creates a quest for warring factions (the good guys and bad guys) for control of the world. He grants those worthy with magical abilities and thus the Visionaries are born. Visionaries - Coming Soon!
A tease that entices children with a mention of the Transformers. 

Visionaries - Product Sample and World
Here is a quick glimpse of some cool Visionaries toys and the world in which you would have played it.

Visionaries - Dagger Assault and Capture Chariot
The vehicles here are crazy and clearly designed the same team that helmed the crazier G.I. Joe and Cobra toys.

Visionaries - Skyclaw
As you may have noticed, Hasbro didn't really deviate from that original commercial all too much. At least in this one, the kids call out the vehicle's names.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light (1987) - Intro (Opening)
Here is the opening to the Sunbow Cartoon series. The love animation style, then again, when didn't Sunbow Productions deliver?

Visionaries (Knights of the Magical Light) 1987 Episode 1 - The Age of Magic Begins - clip 1
Enjoy this clip from the first episode of the cartoon series.

The Comic Book
Now as Hasbro had become accustomed to hitting kids and toy fans with a multimedia wave of tie-ins, Visionaries had a comic book mini-series for 6 issues. The comic started in November of 1987 and ended in September of 1988. Thanks to for posting these cover images.

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