Could it actually be that WALGREENS is now a major player in the exclusive figure market? The answer is most definitely a resounding "yes" after the success of the PROTOTYPE BOBA FETT and AGENT VENOM. Then at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, right on the heels of the theatrical release of ANT-MAN, we were treated to an old school ANT-MAN costume Exclusive. Then right on top of that, if you can believe it, we were slated to get the YELLOW DAREDEVIL I have been pining over for years! And it all happened within just one month! They even sold out online through solid word of mouth via pages like AFJ. Now lets jump right in and dissect the YELLOW DAREDEVIL, the suit Matt Murdock wore made out of his father "Battlin' Jack" Murdock's boxing robes.


2015 has been a banner year for The Man Without Fear. The NETFLIX show was a bona fide smash that fans could binge on in just one weekend. Definitely a clever move by the streaming giant that has paid off in spades. On the heels of the success of DD, we have JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE and now this week MOON KNIGHT has been announced. I have never been a collector that can tell another figure is a repaint or the same mold of another figure or anything like that. I just go by what I see. This new LEGENDS figure comes with the usual ridiculous amount of points of articulation that are standard on an ML figure. Sometimes that extra articulation is not necessary but with DD, it really is needed especially if you are going to pose the figure in all sorts of balletic aerial looks to photograph him in..
It is pretty obvious that the YELLOW DAREDEVIL has the same sculpt as the RED DAREDEVIL from the SPIDER-MAN/ULTIMATE HOBGOBLIN wave of LEGENDS earlier this year. If you go back even further, it was the Bucky/Cap mold but I never really concern myself with this kind of stuff. To me, if it looks good, that will get me to open my wallet. There hasn't been a YELLOW DAREDEVIL since way back in 2007 with the MARVEL LEGENDS NEMESIS Wave. I couldn't find it then and I lost bids on it as recent as last year so I am overjoyed that they finally re-released a new YELLOW DAREDEVIL. So much so, that I purchased two of these babies. One to pose and one to keep in the package and just admire.


One of my favorite things about Daredevil is his Billy Clubs and with this figure, they are red with a holster for them on his left thigh. There should be a string in between both batons but there isn't here. However, you can put the two small batons together to make one larger baton. Still, I would have liked the string for the two smaller batons. Not really nitpicking, just a small issue I had. I think that the Yellowhead with the horns stands out more than the redhead for some reason but, HASBRO goes the extra mile and gives us an interchangeable unmasked Matt Murdock head replete with his trademark red glasses for the blind.


Overall this figure is a real throwback that I wish that HASBRO would do more of because they can finally capture those small details and the minutiae of the old looks of these characters. There is a wealth of characters from back in the day that can get a revamp to be exclusively sold at Walgreens. I have to think that there will be an exclusive EPISODE VII BLACK SERIES figure at the drug store giant that is announced as we get closer to the theatrical release of the new STAR WARS film. The bottom line for me is that this new DAREDEVIL is one of my favorite LEGENDS of 2015, bar none. Some may think that the old school costume looks a little hokey thus being the reason why they changed to all red in the first place but they executed it perfectly. Bonus points for the exclusivity factor and the throwback look that I think is, well, daring. Excellent job and highly recommended at just $19.99.


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