Starscream, Hot Rod, Devastator, Bumblebee, Outback, and few others are coming back to Walmart as exclusives (starting today actually, keep refreshing HERE). Now, these aren't just re-releases, but G1 Transformers with original style packaging. There are a few upgrades to take notice of. Starscream for one comes with a Megatron style blaster. Bumblebee looks a bit more like his cartoon incarnation than the original toy (no complaints here on that one). Check out the story that broke on IGN below as well as all the images they released for this awesome exclusive! #AFJ4LIFE

From IGN: "Walmart is going old-school, bringing generation 1 Transformers back from the 1980s and into the toy aisle later this year.

The US retailer announced Starscream, Hot Rod, a 6-figure Constructicon Devastator pack, and "Legion Class Figures" like Bumblebee and Outback.

As far as authenticity is concerned, the G1 Transformers reissues were made using "the original production tooling including die-cast parts and classic heat-sensitive stickers." If you don't recall, part of the fiction of the original toy line included spies whose allegiance could only be revealed by rubbing the sticker, revealing their Autobot or Decepticon badge". Read the Full story HERE.

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