Week Long Toy Hunt: The Invisible Man Walgreens Exclusive POP!

Junkies, as you may have seen, I have spent a whole weekend, during a road trip, in search of the Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Man POP! (seen HERE). Having not found Dr. Griffin, from Philadelphia, PA, to Yonkers, NY, I decided to extend my hunt for the next week. I decide to hit up only the Walgreens near AFJ HQ and on my way home. This puts me at three different locations. The following Instagram posts are my story.

The Prey:
There is a variant with an "invisible" head and a regular release with bandages.
The Hunt:

And now I have added this Walgreens Exclusive to the list.

Oh and this happened to our Toys R Us!!!

The End Result:
A Junkie in AFJ's closed Facebook Group reached out to me after the Yonkers post and stated he found one and would send it to me. This is exactly why the website and the Facebook Groups were started, to help each other out. With that, I say thank you, Ryan. I am eagerly awaiting the UPS man. With that being said, there is still the chase variant out there, as well as Frankenstein with the flower. The hunt is ongoing and never really seems to stop. I still have this insatiable need to actually find one in the wild. #AFJ4LIFE

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