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So after The Untitled Avengers 4 drops what do we have to stay alive for?

1. Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel

Confirmed. Betting he’ll be going through this film without a certain mentor though. All on you, Spidey.

2. Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming threequel

Damn-it, Sony! What say you? We can do the Sinister Six, but sans Paul Giamatti. Don’t let the Joel Schumacher hit you on the way out.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3

Confirmed. Thx, James Gunn! This time, let’s just not make Peter Quill [Star-Lord] stagnant for pretty much the entire 2nd act. I believe in screenwriting it’s called “pursuit” for a reason. Still liked the movie though 😉  Damn, saying bad things about Gunn and Guardians puts a bad taste in my mouth. So I can go f myself. Thank you!

4. Black Panther 2

We got it, but did we even need confirmation for this one?

5. Black Panther 3

Another no-brainer. Confirm or lose your job at this point. But the real question is, will the Ryan Coogler be back for these future installments? Personally, I’d like to see him do James Bond with Idris Elba. So “Wakanda For the Meantime!”

6. Black Widow

Confirmed. Don’t let this be the first MCU film to get swallowed up by development hell. What’s up with the current draft? I know a great coverage guy. Table read time? Don’t even worry. Uncle owns a table store. Yeah, he got fold ups.

7. All Female Avenger A-Force Project

Confirmed, right? Tessa Thompson, little help here? Have they got a problem making the entry point organic enough? Have corralling all you up be the Beyonder’s motive for a version of Secret Wars. Boom! Go! You got the green light.

8. Doctor Strange 2

The good Doctor gets a sequel, right? Looking at you Chiwetel Ejiofor, you bad mother-...

9.Doctor Strange 3

Oh, just round it out and throw Clea in there if you haven’t already. And BTW, who did hit him with that car causing his accident? Hmm… Marinate on that.

10. Ant-Man & The Wasp 3

These lil’ guys get their own trilogy, right? Michael Douglas is definitely dying in the next one though, right? If not, I think we should let his character handle all dialogue providing exposition for all remaining MCU movies. We know how much he enjoys that.

11. Captain Marvel 2

Brie Larson definitely gets her own trilogy, right?

12. Captain Marvel 3

She better. Girl has an Oscar on the mantle. Think we see her first in an Infinity War after credits scene? No good?

13. Bucky & Falcon Cap Project

FYI - “project” is cooler to say than “movie”.

14. Iron Heart

Robert Downey Jr. can roll out of bed and do the Jarvis voice for some dump-truck dough. Add to cart!

15. Thor 4: Taiki-narok

Chris Hemsworth LOVES doing Thor now, right? He’s so down. Game on! Need me some Beta Ray Bill in this one. Plus, we all wanna see Asgard on Earth. Asgard vs. Latveria vs. Wakanda vs. Atlantis anyone? Someone make Namor happen. Looking at you, Universal. Need this Fatal Fourway. Throw in a Hell. In. A. Cell! (Vince McMahon voice) and… Boom! We’re good to go.

16. Fantastic Four Reboot

Is the ink dry yet?... INT. GOVERNMENT LAB – DUSK… The New Avengers blast open the door of a top-secret facility to steal some McGuffiny tech thingamabob from Four Lonely Scientists. Easy job, right? Nope. Little do they know the four nobody scientists standing in their way happen to be the freagin’ Fantastic Four. Yeah, right? What’s up now? Clobberin’ Time! And not for nothing Fox, Steve, and Tony sure could’ve used some Silver Surfer action when they were playing fisticuffs with that Thanos guy. What’s with the no-show, bud? Weak.

17. X-Men Reboot

Is the ink dry now? Someone tell Hugh Jackman to sharpen up those claws. I, for one, would like to see whose metal pokers make the most annoying sound on a chalkboard. His or T’Challa’s? Poll it up! Side chat – Wolvy & Black Panther start a band. They call it Metal Heads. And, I’m out.

18. Avengers 5

New Avengers trilogy, obviously? Dr. Doom??? Sans the exploding head syndrome. And sans money in the budget going to lavish Air B&Bs for a so-called director’s name that rhymes with Moshua Crank.

19. Avengers 6

Obviously? Kang??? Check out his Avengers: Ultron Revolution "The Conqueror" episode. One of the best. Fox owns this guy too. Is the ink dry yet?

20. Avengers 7

Obviously? Galactus??? Sans the fart cloud. But seriously, how does someone make this work in live action? The dude eats planets like Pop Tarts. Yikes…

What’s your list look like and can they squeeze in the Kevin Feige bio-pic somewhere in here? Sound off below. #AFJ4LIFE

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