I'm new to the Marvel Legends (Infinite) scene, and as I look through characters that Hasbro has made into figures over the last four years, I kept having to ask: “who is that??” and “Why do they have a figure?” So, for my own edification, and yours if you're like and don’t know every character in Marvel’s 80 years of comics, here is a list of 10 legends figures (in no particular) that made me have to do some research.

10. Ex Nihilo (Mantis Series) Amazon – $11.81
First Appearance: Avengers #1 (2013 – Vol 5)
Ex NihiloOrigin: When the universe was created, there were only the builders who worshiped their goddess, the universe. After a time they decided to move on and create the Gardeners, which started from an Aleph who carried two seeds. Alephs razed worlds until they found one worthy of evolution. Ex Nihilo (and his sister Abyss) was one of the seeds and grew into the character we see in Avengers #1 (2013).
Ex NihiloThis may be a reoccurring theme throughout this list, but I get why they made a figure of Ex Nihilo. He is an imposing character, a powerful villain, and later, Avenger. He is also a very distinctive type of figure that you don’t seem habitually in the Marvel Legends line: the cosmic, god-like character. (His name means “Out of nothing”)

9. Tiger Shark (Ultron Series) Amazon - $19.99
First Appearance: Sub-Mariner #5 (1968)
Origin: Todd Arliss was an American Olympic swimmer who, as he made the transition to professional swimmer, he was hurt trying to save a man’s life. With an injured back, Arliss turned to Dr. Dorcas, who promised him that he would swim again, but at a heavy price. With the use of the Morphotron Chamber (yup..), Dorcas uses Namor to fix Arliss, but instead creates Tiger Shark. And he was not Tiger Shark about the change.
TigerYeah, this is going to continue, I understand why Tiger Shark got his own figure. As the main antagonist to Namor, it would make sense that his main villain should have a figure. As someone who learned most of the Marvel roster through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I had no idea who Namor was, so by extension, I had never heard of Tiger Shark.

8. Stryfe (Jubilee Series) Ebay - $41-86
First Appearance: New Mutants #87 (though he did have a cameo in #86)
Origin: Stryfe is the clone of Nathan Summers, better known as Cable. Worried that Cable would not survive the techno-virus he was infected with, the Askani Cult cloned him to make sure they would still have a savior. Cable lived, but Stryfe was taken by Apocalypse, and raised by him.
StryfeThis is the first one to break the mold for me. Maybe there is more to this character that I haven’t seen yet, like what he does as leader of the Mutant Liberation Front, and I need to do more research, but why would Hasbro make a Stryfe figure a year before they made their Cable figure? It just seems odd to me to not lead with the hero.

7. Ultimate Beetle (Ultimate Green Goblin Series) Amazon – $21.99
First Appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man #124 (2008)
Ultimate Beetle
Origin: Beetle was a Latverian agent who attempted to steal the Venom Symbiote, but was stopped by Spider-man. Other than that there isn’t much to this character. (Note: I’ve been told he is a bigger villain in the current comics, and the cartoon.)
Ultimate BeetleIn Beetle’s first issue, he says nothing, shoots at Spider-Man, and fails to collect the Symbiote. Sure, he looks cool and has some cool powers, but why did he get a figure? And why so early in the new Hasbro Infinite series of the Marvel Legends?

6. Sentry (All-Father Series) Amazon - $17.49
First Appearance: The Sentry #1 (2000)
SentryOrigin: Robert Reynolds seems to be the only one to remember he was a superhero called The Sentry, who has the “power of one million exploding suns,” and the villain he fought, The Void. But, why doesn’t anyone remember either of them? This is the premise of the 2000 series The Sentry.
Sentry FigureAnd we’re back! Here is another character that I understand getting his own Marvel Legend. The idea of this hero is so unlike anything I’ve ever heard before that I am now on the lookout for the book. On top of that Sentry is such a powerful hero that it makes sense that he would sell. Any collector who knows this character would want this figure.

5. Thundra (Hulkbuster Series) Amazon - $13.78
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #129 (1961)
ThundraOrigin: From an alternate future where women are in charge and have been genetically engineered to be as physically strong as men, Thundra is one of the strongest among them. She is sent back in time to find the strongest male to bring back to her own time, and on this mission, she collides with The Thing.
ThundraThundra is an interesting character and, like Sentry, I want to know more. I read through the first issues that she was apart of in the Fantastic Four and I never saw what her world is like, and that is a storyline I’d like to see explored. I get why she got her own figure, just for her presence in those issues alone. She was a force to be reckoned with, and plays as both hero and villain.

4. Whirlwind (Red Onslaught Series) Amazon - $9.90
First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #50 (as Human Top), Avengers #46 (as Whirlwind)
Origin: David Cannon was born with the ability to whirl around so fast he is a blur. As he aged he trained for a life of crime, stealing fruit and such, and named himself the Human Top. After being defeated by Giant-Man and being sent to prison, Cannon is back under the new moniker: Whirlwind.
WhirlwindWell, here we are again. I don’t get this one at all. He is such a D-Level villain that has never (as far as I can tell) used in any meaningful way, so why does he have a figure? So, why don’t we get a Silver Samurai or Legion or a new Doctor Doom or a new Sabertooth? Maybe I’m missing something, but I’d rather see any of those than this guy.

3. Polaris (Warlock Series) Amazon - $15.77
First Appearance: X-Men #49 (1968)
Origin: Polaris is the daughter of Magneto, but she didn’t know that until Mesmero unlocked her mutant potential. Before being named the Queen of Mutants, she was a normal girl with green hair, just known as Lorna Dane.
PolarisFor full disclosure when I first conceived this idea, Polaris was the character who gave me the thought, “who the hell is this?” But after my research, I found that Lorna Dane has 481 major appearances in Marvel comics, which is a compelling reason for her to have her own Marvel Legends in the Hasbro Infinite line. I was going to say you could have Magneto and his children, but Habro hasn’t made a Quicksilver yet.

2. Darkhawk (Titus Series) Amazon - $18.77
First Appearance: Darkhawk #1 (1991)
Origin: Son of a Police officer, Christopher Powell was just an older brother before he stumbled upon an amulet that became the Darkhawk armor. After protecting his brothers from men paying off his father, Chris decides to keep the amulet to live up to ideals he thought his father upheld.
DarkhawkThis is another instance of me being ready to pick up a book if I ever find it. After reading Issue #1 I understand why this obscure character has a figure. He is a splendid looking figure, especially considering I hadn’t heard of the character until I had seen the action figure. Whatever lead Hasbro to make Darkhawk, I’m happy it happened.

1. Death’s Head II (Mantis Series) Amazon - $14.50
First Appearance: Death’s Head II #1
Death's Head II
Origin: The Minion was a robot created by an AIM scientist from an alternate future and was used to collect the powers and knowledge of 106 people to complete himself. When he assimilates subject 105, Death’s Head, into his system, he malfunctions and his personality mixes with his latest victim.
Death's Head IIYeah. This is one I don’t really get. With all the other heroes and villains out there, why did Death’s Head II get a figure in the Guardians of the Galaxy wave? I guess I saved the best for last.

Let me know in the comments if I taught you anything new, or you knew who all of these characters are! Are there any that I missed that you want to know more about? Sound off, Junkies!

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    I still think whirlwind or as I call him the winder is amazing lol.

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