Well, this might be a first (we are looking into it, trust us). We got word today that do the enormous amount of popularity, Super7 has opened up their Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive "Laughing Prince Adam" to everyone. Yes, that's right, you can straight up order Laughing Prince Adam directly from Super7! We have just one thing to say about that (hit play below). Please keep reading below the YouTube video!

This really marks a turning point for Comic-Con exclusives. Certainly, there are always leftovers and "found items", and the online store sales, but to straight up just take orders?! This is why we love Super7 and so many other companies could take a lesson from this. Don't believe that we love Super7? Check out our Toy Fair 2018 coverage of their booth below (below the official statement)!

Order Laughing Prince Adam HERE from Super7.

Super7's Instagram: "As previously announced, the Laughing Prince Adam 7-inch figure will be available at our Hordak's Lair pop-up event duringĀ @comic_con. However, in response to the avalanche of interest we received, for those who cannot attend Comic-Con a pre-order for Laughing Prince Adam is open now until Sunday, July 22nd. The price is $35 per figure which is the same as it will be in San Diego. The pre-order is available at the link in our profile".

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