X-Men Marvel Legends Wave 4 Review

AFJ acquired the entire fourth wave of X-Men Marvel Legends and did a live review of each one on our Facebook page. We decided to review them and build the new Caliban in one sitting. We did this via our Facebook Group, which is why you hearing us (Robert Trate and MJ Ortiz) talking to people not present. This wave included Weapon X (00:15), Skullbuster (10:23), The Beast (18:20), Jubilee (27:24), Gambit (35:32), Blink (45:36), Forge (50:47), and the BAF Caliban (58:01). #AFJ4LIFE

Order the figures individually from Hasbro Pulse or the entire wave here from Entertainment Earth!

Thanks Hasbro for giving us the complete Wave 4 of X-Men: Marvel Legends.

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