By Jarrett Kruse

Another month comes to a close as we head into the home stretch of 2016. And what a month it was for Junkies! New toys everywhere, prices jumping and falling as the big chains and online retailers prep for the final push of the holiday season. One thing is for sure, the Junkieverse is abuzz with a new STAR WARS movie hitting screens in just over a month. It seems the Force is going to be with us for a good long time now that Disney owns George Lucas' creation. This is great news for Junkies with a new STAR WARS movie every year at least until 2020! Sure we might all go broke, but remember, whoever dies with the most toys wins.

(Prices listed are predicated upon SOLD eBay listings, Amazon and group sales. You my find items cheaper or more expensive.)


I am so high on this figure, probably because I did not even see it coming. I received it as a gift for my birthday and was absolutely floored. BANDAI gave the STAR WARS universe the Samurai/Manga treatment with great success this year and now they have the very fertile MARVEL Universe. Beautifully sculpted with some real weight to it and beautiful deco and paint apps to boot, this is an awesome iteration of Spider-Man. If you ever wished the red & blue wallcrawler could be a Ninja, this is the mashup you dreamed of. It also comes with extra sets of hands and these amazing grappling hook chains as web-shooters. So friggin' cool! And although it is $90+ on some of the big online toy retailers, Amazon has dropped it to a scant $60 this week. Throw in an amazing box and solid packaging and this is a winner. Look for Iron Man as BANDAI's next MARVEL release!



While POP! Vinyls continue to do well with the Junkies, coming up fast is JADA TOYS' METALS line with a fantastic die-cast twist on old favorites. While nabbing lots of high profile licenses, JADA is poised to capitalize on 2016's momentum positioning them and the METALS line to make a real dent in the market. And with the weighty METALS line, its going to be a big dent! Yes, that's right, these things are heavy, especially the amazing new HULKBUSTER. I like this iteration of "Veronica" better than any other one I have on display. It is fantastically detailed with a mini Mark 43 Iron Man to fit snugly inside the HULKBUSTER. Sleek & stylish & heavy, this METALS piece is JADA's biggest one yet. Outstanding packaging and a very manageable price point make this METALS very heavy. See what I did there?



The James Brown of the toy universe has got to be sculptor Jean St. Jean. Not only is he a heckuva nice guy and a registered Junkie to boot, his figures are second to none in quality and detail making each piece he does not just a figure (or a bust, statue, etc.), its a damn work of art. That being said, he works at a pace that makes me feel downright lazy with a new figure being released what seems like every two weeks. Now, hot on the heels of the feature film debut of DOCTOR STRANGE, released an EXCLUSIVE new figure not only with his regular head but his first masked superhero appearance from way back in 1968's DOCTOR STRANGE #177. The head really looks terrific and to be honest, I had to go back and read the old issue to familiarize myself again with how his masked version gestated. Add in a removable cape, the Eye of Agamotto on a chain, some kind cosmic energy blast and this figure is an absolute must have. Just a smidge over 7-inches tall and 16 points of articulation allow the good Doctor to make some dope poses. One thing you know when you buy a JSJ figure is that you are really getting your money's worth and the most bang for your buck. Well done.



The Merc with a Mouth is back and this time he is loaded with accessories, interchangeable heads, a slew of weapons and a whopping 30 points of articulation. Some Junkies have reported that this is their favorite DEADPOOL to date and REVOLTECH is really starting to hit their stride as 2016 comes to a close. With Spider-Man up next, and the way DEADPOOL holds value, it might be prudent for Junkies to pick this baby up any way they can.



Packed just one-per case, the Benedict Cumberpatch MARVEL LEGENDS figure is one of those rare cases where the actor's likeness is perfectly captured in 6-inch form. It was not until this week that this movie version of Dr. Strange came down in price as it held steadily just over $30 on Amazon & eBay. Now with the movie just two days ago, it looks like more retailers are finally getting the figure in stock. This is definitely one of my favorite LEGENDS of 2016 and I am psyched to unbox and photograph this well crafted piece. Also, I think the costume designers on the movie and HASBRO are to be commended for one of the best comic book page to screen suits ever in the MCU.



Our prayers have finally been answered from NECA! With a mixture of their amazing sculpts and a throwback to clothed MEGO figures, the NJ based toymakers have answered the call of die hard fans and released not only Bill & Ted in an amazing two-pack, they also have come out with a fantastic figure of Rufus, played by the late George Carlin. However, there is a hitch. The only way to acquire the Rufus figure, outside of eBay, is to purchase the, "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection w/ Exclusive Limited Edition Action Figure" on So you get the new Blu-Ray of the classic time travel comedy and the Rufus figure for $79.99. Naturally a lot of folks are keeping the disc and selling Rufus for $50-plus on eBay. So depending on how badly you want Rufus to round out your Bill & Ted two-pack, it'll be 80 bones, non-negotiable. Personally I just dipped and got the set since I think that the Rufus figure will appreciate nicely and will look awesome next to the NECA two-pack. The packaging alone, a phone booth, is so epic that it would be a crime not to pick this one up. And there is nothing like the words, "Limited Edition" to get Junkies' engines going.



ROGUE ONE is officially almost here and Junkies are rejoicing by loading up on one of the coolest looking troopers in the history of the Empire! Amazon has had a steady supply of these in stock at $19.99 making it a STAR WARS army-builders delight with Junkies making their fleets of DEATH TROOPERS as they count the days until ROGUE ONE drops. I love the sleek styling of the Troopers and they are definitely the runaway hit of the first BLACK SERIES wave from the sure to be blockbuster. Also, this week the TARGET 3-pack with a special DEATH TROOPER was released and he might just be the coolest one yet with all sorts of extra gear.



Outside of having to dress up in a skin tight POWER RANGER suit for the kids in the hot August sun of summer '95 at a day camp where I was a counselor, I have never owned a single figure from the property. Nor have I ever seen a single episode of the TV show! However, this figure from the upcoming movie reboot was one that I had to have. While some have said that the new POWER RANGER suits are too Tony Stark-ish, they have definitely made me into a believer. This figure is really dope looking and as a Con Exclusive, it continues to be in demand on the secondary market. Anytime a Con has the very first figure from a movie yet to be released, the figure seems to hold a solid value over time. Same thing happened with 2016's SDCC STORMTROOPER Exclusive. So I guess I am now going to have to see what channel streams the old MMPR show so I can bone up on the history of the canon before the movie hits next year.



I always like to see patterns emerge on the AFJ page and it seems with this ROGUE ONE Exclusive, that your respective TOYS R US either has a ton or has none. Personally, I was unable to locate it this month but TRU finally got it in online yesterday so I stocked up. I love the battle-damaged style look of yet another new Trooper from the upcoming semi-prequel. I am also psyched to see exactly what the Hovertank is going to look like on the big screen come December. This is another one of those figures that STAR WARS army builders are going to rejoice about by buying any stock that TRU has on the pegs. Very excited for mine to arrive next week!



If you did not read the SHADOWLAND storyline in the comic books, order it today. As a die hard Daredevil fan, I loved seeing a Hell's Kitchen/Tokyo hybrid be created by Matt Murdock in an epic story arc that saw DD sport some new duds. New costumes mean new figures which means major coinage. Mez and his ragtag gang of NYC based Junkies debuted a fierce entry at this year's New York Comic Con that swiftly sold out. octhot7While you can still pre-order the SHADOWLAND DAREDEVIL on MEZCO's website, I am fairly certain that the NYCC edition had special packaging and of course a sticker that can be all it takes for a figure to skyrocket in price. And so it has with this amazing ONE:12 COLLECTIVE addition getting as high as $175 on eBay. octhot10If you know anything about the ONE:12, it is that you get a whole lot of bang for your buck with accessories galore on top of dynamite sculpting and deco. Every ONE:12 piece I have acquired has been nothing short of epic so I seriously cannot wait for my SHADOWLAND DD to arrive this month. And if you have not ordered yours yet, head over to MEZCO's site and lock yours in today!



As much as I dug the MOTU CLASSICS that MATTYCOLLECTOR sold, I really love the softer, cartoony quality of their FILMATION series. The Wicked Witch of Snake Mountain, AKA Evelyn Morgan Powers, returns with force selling out in just a day on the MATTY website. Naturally the figure saw a big spike on eBay but has now settled down to a more manageable $40-$45 price point which is almost what you pay if you had gotten it at $25 because of Digital River's insane shipping costs. Still, this is the first female FILMATION figure they have released and a truly nice one at that. I really loved the paint apps on this and the less crazy musculature making for a really accurate version matching the old TV version perfectly. Plus I really dig the new packaging with the extra safeguard sleeve. Smart idea that I wish more companies would start to do.









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