By Jarrett Kruse

For those that do not know, Bluefin Distribution is the American company that distributes the high end foreign product of over a dozen companies including names like BANDAI, Tamashii Nations, CAPCOM, Kids Logic & Comicave. These are the brands that Junkies save their money for as special purchases because lets face it, these guys do not mess around and take the toy game VERY seriously. Their booth at the big show was that of a museum feel with an absolutely beautiful line of products. Encased in glass, the items on display were beyond amazing making me want to take as many possible pictures as I could from every possible angle. From the various Iron Man armors to the STAR WARS Egg Attack line, everything that Bluefin produces is totally out of this world. This is the upper echelon of collecting and the absolute next level in what the hardcore Junkies will be eyeing to pick up in 2016. I'm talking jaw-dropping stuff that you wish you could grab and make a run for it! If there was a booth to walk around in if you were just at Toy Fair as a patron without an assignment, Bluefin is the booth that I could have literally spent hours at just to take in the sights. Some of the figures were so lifelike that you got the impression that at any minute, these inanimate objects were going to come to life. Its hard to even call Bluefin's impressive lineup  toys because these are most certainly not pieces that you tear open and throw in a toy chest. No, no. These are items that you Windex and dust every day if you even decide to take them out of their packages.

On top of the items that I knew about already, AFJ was treated to offerings from companies like Kids Logic who I had personally researched before the show because of their Back to the Future license that has floating DeLorean's and Hoverboards coming in the near future. The George Barris '66 Batmobile was awe-inspiring with painstaking detail and brilliantly realized design. The iconic Hulkbuster as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron was absolutely incredible and you almost felt bad that you did not pay a ticket cost to have the privilege of getting so close to these unreal products. For a Junkie like myself, it was an absolute thrill to be allowed to walk the Bluefin showroom floor and gaze at the future of these very special high-end toys. These are works of art that you definitely do not want to let the little ones even close to. Put together with the best parts available, each item in the vast array of companies under the Bluefin umbrella is incredibly detailed and created with the precision and steady hand of a brain surgeon. It would be hard for me to pick just one item they had on display to take home because each showcase was better than the last. It is these kind of products that are forcing other companies to try and so far fall short of putting together and marketing such a tremendously sophisticated line. Bluefin is the reason we collect toys and they are truly in a class of their own.


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