By Jarrett Kruse

Hasbro is always the hot ticket for Toy Fair and 2016 at the Times Building did not disappoint. With the security of an international flight, invitees were ushered in from the brutal cold on 41st street in Midtown Manhattan. To be honest, it wasn't that bad this year as Litsky PR rep Kelsey was diligently handing out hot cocoa to all of the geeks on the long line. Clearly she was made for the PR biz. Fifteen at a time are taken in to what is the toy equivalent of a Hollywood premiere with Hasbro branded pretty much everywhere you look. The iconic signage of their very famous brands are everywhere and it is truly hard to stand still as you enter what I imagine billionaire's have as their weekend screening room. It is like a movie theater, only better, with a monster screen and the Hasbro brass ready to blitz you with what Junkies will be shelling out their money for over the next 365 days. As usual, they did not disappoint as the crew from Rhode Island not only took pride in each of their presentations, they nailed each one with the timing and precision of budding toy rock stars. Here's how it goes....

First up we are given an informative look at how Hasbro is changing the landscape with things like "Hasbro Pulse" which if you are in the know is where you can do all sorts of cool stuff and the freshest news direct from the execs and creative staff. Plus they have all sorts of voting contests (See Darth Revan Black Series below...the DOPEST figure of the day!) and its got fan polls, insider art, reveals and all sorts of other cool stuff. I think once it catches on, Hasbro Pulse is going to be a popular stop for Junkies so definitely bookmark it STAT! The packed house were treated to four presentations including TRANSFORMERS, MARVEL, STAR WARS & MY LITTLE PONY. All the info was thrown at the crowd fast and furious and we even got some super cool sneak peeks like the movie DR. STRANGE figure of Benedict Cumberbatch. While I was not sure where exactly the GIANT-MAN MARVEL LEGENDS wave was in the pecking order (it was not on the show floor or mentioned in the presentation), we did get some really awesome like how about a Jim Lee PUNISHER WALGREEN's Exclusive? The epic Captain America shield was shown on stage which is insane as well as the Iron Man helmet that has all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. It is clear that Cosplay is going to become more mainstream with the help of Hasbro because these two items were really quite amazing AND already available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon.

All in all, it is always fun to go to Hasbro and its a real privilege for them to allow AFJ to come to the big show for the third year in a row. I will let you guys decide on what you are looking most forward to in the comment section below but our main two, MARVEL LEGENDS & STAR WARS BLACK SERIES continue to astound and amaze and when you think about it, they have barely scratched the surface with countless characters still left to fill the void in our hearts and eventually our wallets. Enjoy the hi-res photos from HASBRO!


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