By Jarrett Kruse

By the time I had moseyed on over to the DC COLLECTIBLES booth for my walk-through, my feet were aching, my back was in spasm and was so drenched in sweat that it looked like I had swam to the Convention Center from Jersey. I looked like the late Robin Williams at COMIC RELIEF '86 after an hour onstage. The hot lights of toy showrooms are not unlike the lights I used to perform under in my days as a stand-up comic but for some reason, the lights at Toy Fair seem that much more hot and more pressure filled than standing in front of a faux red brick wall for five minutes in front of strangers. Still, I pressed on, giving up on taking pics of my own as the tiny showroom was packed with buyers from around the world. However, the Junkies would have their day as I was ushered into the horseshoe shaped heaven of DC delights led around by the jester of the company's PR/Marketing team, Jim Fletcher, who was wearing a Joker-inspired shiny purple blazer after being welcomed to the booth by DCC Publicity & Communications pro Sara Ruiz who could tell I was just about ready to pass out.

The next 15 minutes had AFJ get treated to all sorts of amazing goodies from the folks at DC COLLECTIBLES who have a very big year ahead of them with next month's Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and August's risky Suicide Squad. On top of those blockbuster, the popular Greg Capullo lines will be continuing along with fan favorites Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner figures as well. Their was no mention of the Lee Bermejo line I have been looking forward to but judging by the artistry of the figures, I think that the $40 6-inch "Premium" figures we have heard about are actually worth the price tag. Maybe $30 would be more doable for the average working Junkie as $40 is a hard sell. That being said, they are damn nice and spared no expense on the incredible detail. For example, the $44.99 Armored Batman from the upcoming film has light up eyes and piping inside the cape to pose Bats in all kinds of epic comic style scenes. Still, I will definitely be getting the Lee Bermejo figures which are more modestly priced at most online retailers for a scant $23.99 per figure. Overall, it was a very impressive showing and the Batman Animated Series Batwing is an absolute monster at almost 6 pounds and the size of a 4-year old. The Animated Series Batmobile set with a Marvel Legends size Bat-Signal as well as a pair of Batman & Robin figures and an updated 2.0 version of 2015's Batmobile is a very solid set at $139.99. I loved to see a CW Flash & Arrow set and a dope looking Captain Cold gun that although out of my price range, would have loved to have used to cool down in the booth.

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