By Jarrett Kruse

I was extremely psyched for AFJ's MEZCO walk-through because we had already been treated to the company's explosive Pre-Toy Fair event at their super secret headquarters a week earlier. At that event, the press were treated to the ONE:12 COLLECTIVE showcase that threw the gauntlet down before the big show at the Javitts Center basically saying to all other toy companies, "Wait till they get a load of me!" It was just that impressive AND bonus, the press did not have to deal with the glass that encases a majority of the products that toy companies are showing at Toy Fair. So to get just inches away from the beautiful new ONE:12 COLLECTIVE line was really a special treat. To be honest, since I had already attended that event, I figured that my walk-through of the MEZCO booth would not have much fanfare since I thought we saw everything a week before. Happily, I was completely wrong. Mez and his gang of Junkies waited until Toy Fair to throw the absolute knock out punch that had me absolutely floored.

As I approached the MEZCO booth, I was greeted by Drake, the head of Special Projects. Decked out in a suit and cane that made Kramer from Seinfeld look under-dressed in the episode that he wears the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Drake is a guy that certainly knows how to make an entrance. On top of that, Drake, Pierre and the rest of the MEZCO team are especially nice to the press and know that the Junkies and all the press outlets are integral to getting the word out on their new products. That being said, their is a mutual respect and the MEZCO crew is happy and enthused to talk to you, not just shoo you out of the booth because you are not placing an order that day. The ONE:12 COLLECTIVE figures were beautifully displayed, this time behind glass, and actually looked even more amazing under the special lights for the show. The sculpts and the facial likenesses are so damn accurate, it felt like a scene out of Night at the Museum where you could swear one of the figures moved independently. Yes, they are just that awesome. However, it was not until I realized what was at the center of the booth that made me positively giddy with Junkie happiness. It was not enough for MEZCO to reinvent the high end figure market at a very affordable price with the ONE:12 COLLECTIVE figures in both DC and MARVEL characters, now we were getting a glimpse of the first vehicle in the line. Not just any vehicle, the vehicle of all comic book vehicles--the iconic BATMOBILE, from next months Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bigger than a toddler, this is the BATMOBILE to end all BATMOBILE's. Even Chuck Barris was probably trying to shimmy out of his grave to get a peek at this insane work of art. However this is not just some car meant for you to sit and admire, no no. With the zeal and excitement of a car salesman in a Ferrari showroom, the MEZCO staff regaled just what this behemoth with wheels can do. Fully functional with lights and steering, a functioning cockpit to nestle your new ONE:12 COLLECTIVE BAT-figures in, this is the piece de resistance. So realistic and lifelike, you practically wanted to ask the MEZCO staff to do a credit check on you to see if you were worthy of driving one home. In a word: EPIC. And as you can see, like a zoologist discovering a new species, I got as many shots from every possible angle that I could. If only I had some Pym Particles to shrink down and drive that baby back to Jersey in a blaze of glory....



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