By Jarrett Kruse

AFJ has been working every day with website developer and digital mobile app company NARRASOFT since I received a phone call last Summer to expand the Junkieverse. So when NARRASOFT's big boss put me in touch with Great Britain's BIG CHIEF STUDIOS, I was excited of the prospect of going to a booth that was the Facebook equivalent of "people you may know." MJ, Paul & I had an absolute blast talking with Tony & Mark from across the pond for over an hour (we would have stayed there all day if we could have). It was so refreshing to hear a different country's take on the action figure world and hear some terrific British wit in our own country's currently oversensitive PC climate.

They really made us feel like VIP's as they took off the protective cases from their display units so that we could shoot the figures without having to worry about getting any glare from the flashes. So what is the first thing us Yanks think of when we think of England? None other than 007 himself; James Bond. They decided to go with the three core characters from the classic GOLDFINGER including Sean Connery James Bond, Oddjob & the villainous Goldfinger. (No Pussy Galore just yet btw!) To say that these 1/6 Scale figures are ornate in detail is an extreme understatement. These are limited edition works of art that are like Picasso's of action figure production. Hearing Tony, a sculptor himself, passionately talk about the difference between classic sculpting and digital sculpting was totally enthralling for a geek like me. I was just a sponge taking all of this MI-6 style information in and digesting exactly what it takes to bring figures of such high quality to market.

Then I moved down to the DOCTOR WHO figures and continued to marvel at the tooling that goes into these ornate pieces. It was as if these toys were all going to jump to life at any given second; they are just that amazingly realistic looking. By the time I got to SHERLOCK and GLADIATOR, I was in absolute awe and was thinking how unbelievable it is going to be to unbox these pieces on the new AFJ website with our Facebook Live plugin. If you are looking for something new and exciting to collect that is the highest end their is, then give BIG CHIEF STUDIOS offerings a try. Do it for Tony & Mark because they are super cool, knowledgeable & passionate about the toy world that Junkies live in.  Be sure to check out their website here:


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