By Jarrett Kruse

ENTERTAINMENT EARTH has become an absolute online powerhouse of retail & wholesale toy sales gaining a lot of traction from their in house toy production company, BIF BANG POW!. Last year when I was shown the first wooden PIN MATE's, I did not know what to think or how to react at if their was an audience for this kind of toy. I was definitely skeptical at how a small wooden toy would do in a market that sees increased articulation and new metals and plastics being made into bigger and better toys that take a toll on our collective wallets. Turns out, I was 100% wrong and PIN MATE's are an absolute hit with the line expanding into many other iterations as 2017 progresses.

It was terrific to be shown these items that have a simple concept and will actually get the kids (and/or adults) outside playing in the dirt. No more are their boring old wooden blocks but now EE is making some beautifully crafted blocks with high profile licensed characters on them adding a new spin on very old concept. And I really did love to see some simplicity in a very crowded field of new products. As BIF BANG POW! continues to expand, the ENTERTAINMENT EARTH retail/wholesale empire continues grow by leaps and bounds making their website the place to be to get all of your pre-orders in this year.


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