By Jarrett Kruse

Below is the SUPER7 company manifesto and it absolutely jibes with the world of AFJ. We were fortunate enough to have a personal tour of SUPER7's booth by its founder and owner, Brian Flynn. It was one of the most enjoyable walk-through's that we had because Brian himself is a serious Action Figure Junkie. Hearing him regale the story of how SUPER7 came to be and the company's future had us positively giddy. The entrepreneurial spirit that Flynn has infused into his passion project is proof positive that dedication to your craft can really make a difference.

Seeing the new iteration of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE line was flat out awesome. The care and detail that is going into these new figures is really something to see up close and I am counting the days until my MOTU ULTIMATES ship out. Brian also filled us in on the 3 & 3/4" figures they are producing that were crafted by real retired KENNER sculptors who redefined the toy industry in the 70's with a little property called STAR WARS. As in any industry, knowing your history can be a very valuable asset. As the San Francisco based outfit continues to grow, I am excited at the prospect of AFJ working with SUPER7 to really get the word out about these classic lines that so many of us grew up with. The momentum of SUPER7 and their classic product lines is definitely something that I am going to be keeping a close eye on in 2017.


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