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Toy Fair is the Super Bowl for Action Figure Junkies and this year was a big one for AFJ, personally, since I got snowed out two of the four days in 2015. So it was all business for me in 2016 with a solid 16 appointments set up and a madcap schedule for the four day marathon event. By the time I came around to my DC COLLECTIBLES walk-through, I was pretty much spent for the day desperate to take a knee.  However as if the doctor had pulled the paddles out and yelled, "CLEAR!!" to his staff, new life was brought to me in the form of DC COLLECTIBLES' court jester, Mr. Jim Fletcher.


Like a long lost relative of Frank Gorshin/The Riddler from the old live-action Batman TV show, Jim was decked out in a sports jacket that I swear had a question mark on its back but I honestly cannot remember exactly. Toy Fair is a zoo! One thing was clear, this guy knows his product line. With the ease of a seasoned closer from Glengarry Glenn Ross, Jim was all business and took my eyes on a wild ride as he presented DCC's new product line. Jim gave every piece in the show its due and almost a feeling of obligation to pre-order the pieces the minute you got home. Yes, he is that good a salesman. You know that feeling when you know someone loves their job? That was the vibe I got immediately from Jim; that this is what he was born to do.


The Riddler himself! Jim Fletcher, Creative Director in the Creative Services Dept.

Now, months later and still digesting what I saw at Toy Fair as I amp up for San Diego Comic Con, I got the chance to have a one on one session with Jim at DC's version of Wayne Manor in beautiful Burbank, CA.



MC/AFJ: Tell us a little bit about your role at DC COLLECTIBLES Jim.

My job is unique here: I am a Creative Director in the Creative Services department at DC. It's such a great job I got the word "creative" in my title, twice! My main responsibility is to work with the DC Collectibles team here and overseas to make sure every product we produce looks and functions the way it's supposed to. It's a super rewarding job, being a huge collector myself!


Supergirl gets a statue!

MC/AFJ: What DCC product line were you most excited to show off at Toy Fair?

Always a hard question... I am always revved up at that show to present everything from Batman Animated to the Designer series figures, plus all the statues! But this year it's hard to NOT pick... You guessed correctly! I'm really excited for the DC Films premium action figures.

Kevin Kiniry, Vice President Creative Services DC Collectibles

Kevin Kiniry, Vice President Creative Services DC Collectibles

MC/AFJ: Can you tell the Junkies about DCC's new 6.75-inch Premium Format figures for MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN & SUICIDE SQUAD?

This is the first time DC Collectibles is making action figures based on DC films and we are producing the line with toy collectors in mind. In doing so, we are putting a lot of effort into making these toys as poseable as possible. We really want collectors to be able to recreate moments from the film, or make their own extended scenes...with action figures! This is an ongoing line and will be released outside of theatrical release windows as we are focusing on DC Films as a whole universe rather than individual films. This plan gives us time to step back and see what we can do with these action figures. If you need a faster movie fix, our 12" movie-themed statues are available sooner (but don't try to pose them!)

MC/AFJ: How did this project of super high end Premium Format figures gestate at DCC? Was it trying to take the regular $19.99 6-inch figures out there to the next level?

HEY! Were you listening through the walls somehow? That's exactly what happened! We really wanted to raise the standards of what we could do with the movie figures. We've been working through some of the articulation movement systems with our ICONS action figures, and wanted to apply what we learned to kick the DC Films line up a notch. We're aiming high and are excited to see collectors' reactions!

Loving this set complete with Bat Signal!

Loving this set complete with Bat Signal!

MC/AFJ: There has been a lot of buzz about the Premium Format figures on the Junkies page. So, my question for you is....

More DC TV figures!!

More DC TV figures!!

Do you think that die hard Junkies will go for the $39.99 to $44.99 price tag on these figures? What separates the Premium Format figures from anything else available on the market in 2016?

Everyone wants a ride on a Harley!

Everyone wants a ride on a Harley! PREMIUM FORMAT is already PRE-Sold Out some places.

We hope so! These figures will have a higher retail, but to achieve what (we hope) our audience will agree with, it was a realistic assessment of what these figures would cost to produce. These figures will have great attention to detail and will feature the most articulation DC Collectibles has ever produced – some up to over 40 points of articulation. The line will also delve deep into DC film rosters and bring to life the most popular characters like Batman and Superman, but also some of the more obscure characters that other toy companies might not produce. DC Films figures will also feature cool accessories and poseable bases that we hope fans will love.

DC ICONS "Killing Joke" Joker!

DC ICONS "Killing Joke" style Joker!

What is your personal favorite figure from the new Premium Format line?

I really like Armored Batman from Batman v Superman because his eyes light up! And besides, it's Batman. IN ARMOR. Mic dropped.

Jim's favorite!

Jim's favorite!

What is next for DCC as we head into Con? Any secrets you can fill us in on?

It's no secret that if you don't get to the DC Collectibles SDCC panel, you will miss the scoop on what's coming up next! If you can't be at the panel or show, be sure to visit the DC Collectibles Facebook page for all our big reveals!


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