AFJ’s Top 10 Horror POP! Figures for Halloween

AFJ is thrilled that the Halloween Season is upon us. We tapped our Pop! Guru, Jason Nelson, with the task of giving you, the Junkies, the "Top Horror Pop! Figures for Halloween". Bear in mind this list is based on sculpting, character, and collectability. Certainly, you will have your own opinion and we want to hear it, so sound off in the comment section below. #AFJ4LIFE

Written by Jason Nelson

10. Captain Spaulding ($105)

For many people, there is nothing scarier than a clown. Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s films House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, plays into that fear very well.  Those familiar with the films understand how sadistic this character actually is. Though not exactly as well known as Jason or Freddy, Captain Spaulding and Rob Zombie’s other characters have developed a strong cult following. One thing that really makes this pop interesting is that the character in the movie is often dirty and disheveled, while still maintaining the clown persona; however, the pop figure is very clean and jovial.  Captain Spaulding was released in 2014 and has since been vaulted, so finding one these for your collection is going to mean resorting to secondary markets and probably paying quite a premium.

9. Jack Torrance - Chilling Chase ($32)

Even people who haven’t watched the original version of The Shining, recognize Jack Nicholson from this scene.  Often the chase variants that Funko produces are a bit lackluster and are simply an alternate color shirt, etc, but they really knocked it out of the park with this one.  Perhaps one of the most recognizable scenes from the movie, aside from maybe the “Here’s Johnny” door chop, we get Jack driven mad by the spirits of the Overlook Hotel frozen to death while on a murderous hunt through the hedge maze for his son. This is still in production and can be lucked upon still in stores.

8. Regan ($12)

So many recent horror films released today owe a great deal to The Exorcist for breaking the idea of demonic possession into a mainstream blockbuster. Between the contortionist spider-walk, head spinning and projectile vomit, Linda Blair’s portrayal of Regan is not something you’re going to forget. Funko’s take on the character is very well done. The green skin tone and eyes really make this figure stand out.

7. Leatherface - Bloody Chase ($121)
You can’t really talk about horror figures without including the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise. A film that frightened a generation and reinforced their parent's warnings about hitchhikers and trespassing. Pops often get a bad reputation for a weak likeness and soulless eyes, but I feel like this one does a great job of bringing the character home. Often with the bloody pops, the splatter doesn’t really show up very well, but that is not the case with the Leatherface chase variant.

6. Billy - Glow In The Dark - Bloody ($367)

Want to play a game? There is perhaps nothing as memorable from the Saw franchise as Billy rolling into the scene on is a tricycle.  Although not your standard hack/slash killer, Billy holds his own in the space of recognizable characters; although, many would not know the name. This was another SDCC exclusive and is another pop that horror collectors don’t let go of very often. It’s also interesting to point out that the go-to chase variant for horror pops is a glow in the dark with blood splatter; so although this isn’t technically labeled as a chase, I think many would include it in that category.

5. The Grady Twins - Bloody Chase ($167)

Ghost twins speaking in unison. Need I really say more?  As if ghosts, decomposing women, elevators full of blood and an ax-wielding psychopath weren’t enough, the Grady Twins really pushed the creep factor over the top in the 1980 horror classic, The Shining.  Funko decided to pay full homage to the movie by releasing both a regular set featuring the Grady sisters in their regular human form and a chase variant of their dead ghostly counterparts.  Both were exclusive to Target and extremely difficult to find in stores.

4. Pennywise with Severed Arm ($19)
Living in the age of the remake is not always pleasant, but 2017 brought us the first installment of the remake of Stephen King’s classic IT. Although the role of Pennywise the dancing clown played by the iconic Tim Curry can never be shadowed, Bill Skarsgård came as close as anyone could. Although Funko has produced no fewer than 8 versions so far, this Amazon Exclusive captures a scene that many felt set the pace for the new movie, and is not something many viewers will forget.

3. Alfred Hitchcock ($15)
Not technically a bad guy himself, Alfred Hitchcock is responsible for influencing horror fans for decades now.  With classics such as Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, and many, many more, a discussion of horror icons would not be complete without his inclusion. This is a new release from Funko and can be found at many retailers still; my only wish is that they would have done a side profile view in the box

2. Freddy Krueger - Syringe Fingers ($60)

What’s scarier than a severely burned man chasing you through a dream that you can’t awake from? A severely burned man chasing you through a dream that you can’t awake from with needles for fingers of course.  Growing up in the 80’s was a great time to be a horror fan, and for most Freddy Krueger was the baddie of choice.  This Hot Topic exclusive has been out of stores now for a few years and many casual collectors may not even be aware of it, but you can bet that friend that is in Halloween mode all year round was smart enough not to pass on it.

1. Jason Voorhees - Unmasked ($585)

With a face only a mother could love, our top spot goes to the 2015 SDCC exclusive unmasked Jason Voorhees.  After terrorizing campers all night, sometimes you just have to take off the hockey mask and enjoy some “me” time.  Considered a grail by many horror collectors, this beauty does not leave collections often once it finds a home.

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