It is finally here and it is ridiculously awesome and Junkieworthy! Personally, I thought it was a little bit short but I am also sleep deprived, still on the East Coast and my internal body clock is still on LA time. That being said, here is what we have been waiting months for and come to think of it after ten viewings in 15 minutes, I actually LIKE that they did not reveal a ton in the long-awaited trailer that some Junkies actually called into work late for! Take a look below and then let's all discuss STAT and break it all down.

The first 30 seconds or so of the trailer has a basic roundup of where the core members of the AVENGERS are with narration provided by the baddest man in the galaxy, Nick Fury, aka Samuel L. Jackson. The team looks in disarray and spread out all over the globe and frankly, a little lost. The whole team vibe of Fury's entire, "There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people," schtick but to be honest, everybody looks like they have been through the ringer. Cue the iconic MARVEL STUDIOS logo with the comic book pages flipping to start the guts of the trailer.


Josh Brolin's THANOS begins an ominous voiceover as more interspersed cuts of the team are put together letting us know that the proverbial Bat-Signal is shining for every card-carrying Avenger. We jump from Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum on Bleecker Street to Peter Parker on a school bus and his Spidey-Sense going bananas. Over bodies, we see Loki appear looking awfully psychotic grab the Cosmic Cube looking ready to embrace his perceived birthright. There is also an ominous looking circle over NYC that looks like something from CONTACT or THE ARRIVAL but it is when THANOS appears that we realize that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in some serious trouble, regardless of their growing team numbers. I kept thinking that Bruce Willis had covered the THANOS duties for Josh Brolin and definitely dig him more in the crown/helmet.


Then things really begin to hit the fan as we see the Iron Spidey suit in action (I am beyond psyched for this action figure) and then its a trip to Wakanda where T'Challa aka BLACK PANTHER shows the moxie of being King giving orders to his people ending with, "And get this man a shield," revealing a supremely pissed off looking and estranged CAPTAIN AMERICA ready to get back to Brooklyn, NY ASAP for some serious ass-kicking. The HULKBUSTER, DOCTOR STRANGE, BLACK WIDOW, SCARLET WITCH, VISION and IRON MAN appear as THANOS collects more Infinity Stones than you can count for his Gauntlet. I did not notice ANT-MAN or THE WASP but in their defense, they are pretty tiny. Did any Junkies see HAWKEYE either because I could not find him anywhere. Rumors about that the expert marksman is turning into RONIN in this third installment.  An epic battle scene is teased and appears to be taking place in the world Vibranium headquarters of Wakanda. HULK, WAR MACHINE, even WONG--everybody is here. Seeing THANOS take down Tom Holland's Spidey like a rag doll is definitely tough to watch but man does this movie look out of this world epic. And the final scene? A fresh off of RAGNAROK THOR asking, "Who the hell are you guys?," only to reveal none other than STAR-LORD and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Junkie Geek Overload!! I need a nap...

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