Here comes the Secret Warriors!  And there go the Secret Warriors!  What has been building up over the course of this season finally came together and fell apart all within the span of an hour.  Daisy assembles the Secret Warriors (Lincoln, Joey Gutierrez, and Elena Rodriguez) to rescue the rest of the team that was captured by Hive at the end of last week’s episode.

Each of the four super-powered friends (ha ha ha!) got their chance to shine as they easily defeated the Hydra forces to rescue Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz, and Simmons.  But it turned out to be one of “those” missions, as in too easy so something must be up…something was definitely up.  As they return to their base and examination of Lucio, the Inhuman who can turn people to stone temporarily reveals that his brain is infected by Hive’s parasites.  Coulson realizes that one or more of the Secret Warriors could also be infected and thus subject to mind control by Ward/Hive.

Each of the members of the Secret Warriors becomes suspicious of the others as accusations are hurled back and forth.  The blame lands on Lincoln when a search of his locker reveals the Kree device that was recovered last week, hidden in his bag.  But as Lincoln attempts to reason with Daisy the shocking identity of the infiltrator is revealed.


Even before the “traitor’s” identity was revealed, Coulson had already made the decision to disband the Secret Warriors as it is too dangerous for any Inhuman to be around Hive and possibly fall under his will.  That said, to be honest, no great loss.  We are not exactly talking A-List heroes here.  I know, I know…with an Inhumans movie in the works we’re not going to see Black Bolt or Karnak or any of the other well-known Inhumans but it doesn’t change the fact that they can toss in dozens of other minor league heroes into a similar role.  And to be honest, outside of Daisy, none of the rest are all that likable.

The best part of the episode for me was Coulson’s talk with Gideon Malick.  While Malick wasn’t exactly apologetic he definitely regretted bringing Hive to Earth the price he paid with his brother and daughter.  Coulson urges Malick to help them out of a thirst for revenge.  Fantastic scene!

Brett Dalton continues to excel as the villainous alien Inhuman God.  While he only had a few scenes this week, each one brought a chill down your spine.  Between he and Zoom on this week’s episode of the Flash, it is a tossup over who was the more terrifying villain.  Nothing makes a comic book show better than great villains who you love to root against. 

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