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So did you actually think Felicity was dead? I mean actually. Let’s be real here CW…..those promos weren’t fooling anybody. OBVIOUSLY Felicity is still alive because you’re not gonna reveal this early on in the season who’s in the grave. Yes, it’s still early. What are we on, episode 10? These shows go 22 episodes consistently. We’re barely half way there. But let me just say real quick that Arrow is kind of confusing with the time lapses. ESPECIALLY nowadays when they go back between the Island, the present, and the grave. So I’m gonna start with the present and deviate after.

This week of Arrow opens up with yet another teaser of Felicity’s not-death mixed in with a montage of a fighting green arrow seemingly losing control of his emotions. I mean it’s pretty understandable why, his fiancee did just get lit up only four months ago in Arrow-verse time. But it was nice to see Emily Bett Richards beautiful (evident loss of blood in her lips) smile as the show moved past the opening. She still seemed to have that little spunk and quirkiness to her as the gang hangs out before her surgery. “I’ve never been so excited to have a bunch of men poking around inside of me. Doctors. I meant to say doctors.” Man, this girl can really paint a picture, huh? But where’s Oliver? Gallivanting around the streets looking for a one Damian Dahrk. “I need to find Dahrk,” he’d repeat to the team. But it really just seemed more of a justification for himself if anything.

In a search for leads we see my man Diggle confront his imprisoned brother, Andy, hoping to get some information-but to no avail. Andy is turning out to be a giant jerk, but you just know he’s gonna turn it around. So who’s the one that is the biggest help? Captain Quintin Lance of course. I would love to go on a rant about Lance and his rather confusing and conflicting relationship with Oliver and Team Arrow- but we’ll do that another time. Lance gives up Dahrk's lair, knowing that h just 100% burnt his bridges with him. Eh, who cares. Damian sucks. So Ollie ventures off to the location only to find dead ghosts…….oh….and the Anarky logo left by Lonnie Machin, the same guy that Thea burnt the face off of.

Have you ever heard the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? It kinda sorta applies to this episode a little bit as Machin, or Anarky, is on a mission to kill Dahrk. Which is cool and all, but team Arrow kinda has dibs on that right. So Anarky isn’t necessarily a friend, more like a crutch. Well they go to pay their crutch a visit where they find him chillin' on the couch watching some TV. He stands up from his couch and puts his hands in the air to surrender. But you know he’s not gonna do that. He claims that he was expecting Dahrk and the ghosts, but Team Arrow will suffice for now. Boom, out comes motion censored machine guys just unleashing clip after clip on our favorite crime fighting team, but Thea quickly sprints after and corners Anarky. Prepared to strike, Lonnie shows no fear. In fact he thanked Thea for unleashing the hell fire on him. He’s obviously trying to tempt her blood lust. I mean you could just see it in Thea’s eyes that she wants to just stick an arrow right between this guy’s eyes. But Laurel stops on by with a canary cry as the rest of the team take down Anarky.

With the gang now holding Anarky hostage Oliver walks up and tries to get anything out of him, but nothing. The dude obviously has nothing left so what does he care if Oliver just lays a whoopin’ on him? Thea of all people confronts Oliver with an important message she received from Felicity’s mom, Dawn. “She needs you. You have to go”. Ollie sprints over to the hospital only to see Dawn sitting outside Felicity’s room while she’s in recovery. She breaks the news to us, Felicity will never walk again. Dun Dun DUNNNNNN. Come on, you didn’t’ see it coming? She’s now just like Oracle. Oracle is to Batman as Felicity is to Oliver. Ya dig?

Oliver is then informed that the police took Anarky into custody, which is the last thing he wanted because now he has literally nothing. He needs Anarky not only alive, but free. He finds the police van only to dismantle it to free Machin-but with one rule find Dahrk. But Oliver isn’t the dumb wannabe frat boy he once was; he placed a tracker on Anarky to see exactly where he’s going to kill Dahrk. Nobody at the base seems to be happy with this decision. Diggle had finally gotten some useful information out of Andy. He goes to Oliver to try and talk some sense into him, primarily about his humanity at the moment. Felicity fell in love with Oliver because he didn’t kill, yet he’s on a path to do it again. But once Machin’s tracker disappears Oliver scrambles on what to do next, so they advise him to go be with his woman.
Felicity still very loopy and shaken up from the surgery quivers with fear as she tells Oliver “I understand if this changes the till death do us part thing”. But Oliver slides Felicity’s engagement ring right back on her finger because the nurses took it off before her surgeries. This man is a lover AND a fighter-a rare breed. As long as Felicity is still her same unintentionally perverted, absolutely gorgeous self, I think he’ll be ok. Laurel stops by to inform Oliver of Anarky’s location, Dahrk’s house.
Machin has them tied and gagged with a flamethrower in hand ready to ignite World War 3 on Dahrk’s family, which is really the only humane part about Damian Dahrk. I don’t know about you but when I saw that man had a wife and child I was just like “OMG STFU!” Ok maybe not exactly like that, but I was rather surprised. But I’ll get back to this. ANYWAY, team Arrow rushes in and Diggle and Laurel save Dahrk’s family while Thea and Oliver go to fight off Anarky. But Oliver loses sights of Anarky when he sees a vulnerable Damian Dahrk arriving him. Oliver lays a couple of good shots in him which seemed rather surprising to Damian, but this guy knows  magic (you’re a wizard, Harry!) so you know he’s got something up his sleeves. Or….he’ll just levitate Oliver’s arrows out of his quiver only to fire them back at our hero. Dahrk cries looking for his family, as Oliver informs him they’ve been saved. Damian is rather thankful for the Green Arrow’s actions as he has promised to let Oliver’s family and friends live for another two weeks. I mean he saved your family’s lives, for your wife that’s probably a good 20-40 more years. And his daughter at least 60-70. You’re really only giving him two weeks? THANKS DAMIAN!!!!!!!!!

In this team Thea was able to track down, tie up, and get beaten up by Anarky as he escaped to rue another day.
Proud of her being able to hold back her blood lust Thea invites over Oliver’s campaign manager, Alex, for a little bit of bumpin' uglies, as Dig tries to reconnect with his deranged, brainwashed mind. It seems that he cannot wait for his brother Andy to become a protagonist. Oliver returns to Felicity as she urges him to go after Dahrk. He wants to go to Bali, and she’s game so long as Dahrk is gone. But until then, these two ain’t goin' nowhere.
The final scene of the present day consists of Dahrk’s wife telling him he should’ve just killed the Green Arrow. Yeah, so much for the humane side to him, right? Damian promises his wife a new beginning. Right after the end.

Oliver hops into a limo with a still very much alive Felicity. “How are you doing?”. That pretty much just sums up the tension and grief in that limo. We need to know who’s dead. But at least we know it’s not our dear Felicity. Although some people hate Felicity and I really don’t know why. Yeah I know CW kinda pushed their romance on us last season…like a lot. But she’s a really solid character and she really brings out the best in our protagonist. In all honesty I think it’d be awesome to watch Oliver kill again, but it makes him way more of a humane person. Ya know? He feeds off of her. Felicity tells Oliver you need to kill him. And just like that, a killer is reborn.



We saw Conklin returning Oliver, Taiana, and the recovered maps to Baron Reiter. Conklin just sucks but he wants nothing more than Oliver dead. Reiter gives Conklin permission to kill him if he’d like but he’s got some other plans for Ollie. The tattoos that Oliver received from Constantine begin to act up and suddenly Reiter believes he may have more use for our hero. Oliver grabs Conklin’s gun and threatens to kill himself unless they keep Tainana alive. The two are sentenced to a prison together as Tainana tends to Ollie’s wounds.

All in all, this was a good episode. I won’t say great, I won’t say amazing. Why? Because it was teased for so long that Felicity was dead. I was actually gonna give CW a lot of credit if she actually was, because then we all would’ve been in for a real shock. There are only two people that really die on this show and that’s Ollie and Thea’s mom, Moira (bitch) and Tommy but I don’t have a bad name for him. I am rather indifferent when it comes to Tommy. We can make it three once we know who’s in the grave. So tell me, who do you think is in the grave? It has to be somebody Barry Allen knew too otherwise he wouldn’t have come. I don’t think him and Ollie are super tight where they would pay their respects to somebody like Lance dying. It has to be somebody significant. Dig? Thea?

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