DC Collectibles Batman: Black & White Mini Figures Blind Bags – #Batman80 Column

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Batman (#Batman80), AFJ has decided to join in the fun with columns, lists, and reviews from now until Batman Day (Sept. 15th, 2019). The incredible thing about 80 years of Batman in pop culture is that we can literally feature anything from comics to movies to Bat-Jet-Rollerskates. Yes, Bat-Jet-Rollerskates (Google them Millenials). Today, we turn our attention to blind bag figures from 2019. Enjoy Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE
Written by Rick Alaia

This week we are taking a look at Batman blind bags! That's right, blind bags! These are produced by DC Collectibles and for sale at most Walmart's and online E-Tailers (links provided below).

These are based on DC Collectibles Batman Black and White statues. They are shrunken down minis of statues that have already been produced. Starting in Wave 2, there is a surprise villain and a Bat-family member added to the waves. Wave 2 has Damian Wayne Robin to go with the Dick Grayson Batman from Wave 1.

The paint apps for these are amazing. I've bought 8, (only one duplicate!) and all the paint jobs are crisp. I haven't gotten any paint slop or QC issues on any of the 8 that I've bought. In fact, they have to be the best produced mini figures I've seen.

For $4.99 you get an awesome Batman mini statue, that you can display on your desk at work or your figure shelf at home. I have mine on display on top of my Arkham Origins Batman canvas picture. It's like they were meant to be there (LOL).

I've grabbed one or two every time I've gone to the store. As of this writing, I've only seen Waves 1 and 2. I know that the E-tailers will have box sets. Keep your eyes peeled and grab them while you can! They fly off the shelves here (in Virginia).

Batman Black and White Mini-Figure 7-Pack Box Set #1 Order HERE from Entertainment Earth
Batman Black and White Mini Figure 7-Pack Box Set #2 Order HERE from Entertainment Earth
Batman Black and White Mini-Figure 7-Pack Box Set #3 Order HERE from Entertainment Earth
Batman Black & White Mini 7-Piece Box Set 4 - Pre-Order HERE from Entertainment Earth

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