By Marc Wasserman

The Clown Prince of Crime aka as The Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis and number one tormentor. He is the flip side to everything that Batman and Bruce Wayne stand for. An agent of chaos and evil known for his purple three-piece suit and insidious smile. He has caused Batman more suffering than any other villain he has ever faced. His origin, name, and true motivations remain a mystery. And yet after over half a century both fans and Batman alike are still mesmerized by his unfathomable evil.

When the name Jack Napier is spoken, for non-Bat experts, it is Tim Burton’s 1989 BATMAN film adaption that is the first thing that comes to thought. That was their first introduction to the Joker in the 1989 film and it is ingrained in most Gen-X-ers as their first taste of the Clown Prince of Crime.  Now with that silly business out of the way we can talk about what is really on everyone’s mind. How does the crazed lunatic manage to keep acid in a squirting flower? Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries. Moving on though, I managed to get a case of the New 52 Joker's in the trench coat and I said to myself......"self this is a pretty fantastic figure that definitely needs a review to share with my fellow Junkies."

The packaging on this figure was pretty much like the other New 52's that have come out with the box having a nice display window in which you get to see the goods that lie within the box. The box also has a nice green hue in which goes nicely with the character and who he is. Upon taking the figure out of the box, it had two rubber band style elastics holding The Joker safely in his temporary home. My first impression of the figure was that this thing is a beauty! The size of it is the typical 6-7" but here is where I got a little confused. I had thought he would be wearing something different for some reason from when I ordered the case and I suppose it was a stock photo and was not the right one. However, I was very pleased with this design; the first thing that caught my eye was his makeup. The makeup displays the perfect white coating to capture the many previous styles that were made before. The makeup on his face though has a Dark Knight (Heath Ledger) feel to it as it looks like it was half applied as there is the underlying skin color underneath his eyes and around his mouth and cheek area.


It looks as if a "maniac" applied his "clown face". The next thing is that he is wearing a white button-down shirt which for The Joker struck me as something different. Inherently, I do not picture Mr. J wearing something like this. He has a smooth trench black trench coat as well and almost looks like besides causing Batman to age another 10 years, that he and Harley are ready to go to a wedding. He also comes with one accessory, which happens to be a butcher knife, but obviously, you can add more accessories to him. I feel this is a very solid figure again for a reasonable price depending on where you pick it up.


You might wonder what this figure is better than Jokers of the past and honestly, I can spend another hour just explaining to you why I like I this design and why I gave the detail such a high value. But you truly need to hold it to get a better understanding, when I held this figure for the first time I had a song immediately pop into my head. That song: "Sympathy for the devil" and in this case the way this figure was designed fits that moniker for me perfectly. This Joker has more of a mysterious style about him, yet he fits well with other DC collectible figures and in my case, he is the center of attention on my shelf. I can easily see dropping somewhere between $20-25 on this and be quite happy with my purchase. Not only that, but the dioramas you can make with this figure and Harley can be extraordinary awesome!


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