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Baylee Alger is a blind man who has a deep love of collecting and reading. He has been blind since the age of 2 due to cancer on his optic nerves. He loves to play drums, fish, and above all, read books. He loves playing video games, and writing reviews for AFJ are one of his favorite pastimes as well. When not collecting, reading or pursuing his lifelong dream of being a writer, he'll often be watching movies, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and the occasional comedy.

Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios), out now on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital, gave us yet another delve into the cosmos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While on his quest to defeat his vengeful sister, Hela, Thor is stranded on the planet Sakaar, where beings from across the galaxy are forced to fight for the entertainment of the Grand Master.

Our favorite thunder god must face someone he never expected: The Incredible Hulk, armed to the teeth with armor and weapons. And today, we'll take a look at the Diamond Select PVC statue of this green monstrosity.
DIAMOND SELECT: THOR RAGNAROK HULK PVC STATUEAfter opening the box, I was stunned to find the immense detail and size that went into this figure. Standing at an impressive one foot tall, this figure weighed more than most of my statues do. Correction: It weighs more than all of them.

Further examination led me to believe he is sanding on some sort of rubble-strewn battlefield. His foot is slightly raised, planted upon a particularly large piece of rubble, as if he is about to charge forward and attack. From what I can gather, his arm is cocked back and his body is turned, giving the impression he is about to chop down with his mighty axe. His left-hand holds a mighty, blunt-spiked hammer, lowered as if to ram his opponent, crippling or killing them.
HULKThis is all very impressive, but my favorite aspect of this statue is his shiny paint job. I'm assuming this is where some of his armor lies, and it feels like armor indeed. Though it is PVC, the paint and craftsmanship put into this for the proper texture is astounding. The straps of his armor are quite tactual, with some of the most brilliant detail I've ever felt. My particular favorite parts are upon his left shoulder, where he wears a shoulder guard of some sort. It is shiny, more so than the rest of the figure, almost feeling metallic. His gauntlets, if he is wearing any, feel almost metallic as well. He seems to be wearing some sort of metallic loincloth, so far as I can tell.

His weapons, too, are impressive. I especially like the brutal spike that compliments his axe's mighty blade. His hammer, though, seems a bit strange to me. The blunted spikes add an air of brutality, but it feels a touch too blocky and chunky, like an overly complicated Mjolnir.

In terms of facial features, this is a bit confusing to me. From what I feel, he is rushing, mouth open, screaming in rage. But I am not entirely sure if that is simply his bottom jaw or a chin guard on his impressively crested helmet.

My overall impression: I was extremely thrilled with this figure. I was not underwhelmed in any way. One drawback I did find, was that his weapons took some working to get into his hands, so that is a risk you have to take when unboxing and setting up your figure. All in all, I found it very impressive actually, and worth every cent I paid. Diamond Select: You've done it again.


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