By Jarrett Kruse

When a website gets a special invite to a Pre-Toy Fair event, my Spidey Sense starts going nuts. It is very rare and to be honest I cannot remember a company being so generous in reaching out to the press and actually orchestrating this kind of clandestine event. I thought to myself, "What could be so important that Mez & his crew cannot wait just over another week for when Toy Fair officially begins?" The answer, fellow Junkies was eye opening and absolutely has changed the way I am looking at the affordable high end action figure. Arriving to the event would not be so easy and with an 11 AM cutoff for admittance, I gave myself ample time to navigate the mass transit of New Jersey & New York. I figured that if I left the house at 7:45 AM, I was made in the shade. I was wrong.


The normally 45 minute bus trip from central New Jersey to the Port Authority on 42nd Street took close to 90 minutes and after dozing for 15 minutes, I woke up to the halfway filled bus with late start commuters, all looking anxious. No problem though, its only a little after 9 AM now. However, much like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, MEZCO's super secret headquarters is off the beaten path and I am used to sticking to the borough of Manhattan which is a big easy grid to navigate. As I hightailed it to the subway, evading the panhandlers that probably make more than I do, I jumped on the train and waited for it to head out. But on today of all days, the PA announcer came on saying that this line would not be running until further notice. The car emptied and now I was like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 as I prepared to be lost in New York myself.


A few quick emails and texts got me an alternate path to my destination which required getting off trains and then getting on other lines which had me completely out of my element. When I take the subway in NYC, I always make sure I don't have to switch trains because it is a serious hassle. Drenched in sweat on a warmer than usual February morning with most of the traces of the blizzard of January gone, I was hustling as I pictured the clock from 24 ticking down in my head. Jumping in a cab, I barked the address at the driver to which it was clear he had absolutely no idea where it was. Great. I found the only cabbie in New York City that still does not have GPS in their car yet. About to miss the turn, I yelled to slam on the brakes, go in reverse and make the turn as the foreign driver seemed to be just enjoying the sights and sounds of an early NYC morning rather than focusing on the mission. Finally, I get out of the cab, jump to the street and arrive at MEZCO headquarters met by born and bred New Yorker, Abraham Segarra, a longtime Junkie that offered to help me out today who was patiently waiting in the front of the building for God knows how long. We headed up as my head was swimming from the almost 3 hours of traveling that should have taken no more than an hour.


We entered MEZCO's offices and the place was buzzing with toy aficionados. Drake, the companies head of Special Projects, cordially invited us in after checking us off "the list" and handed me a MEZCO goodie bag with who knows what. It would be bad manners to open it at that moment no matter how much I wanted to! I would have to check later because now, Abe and I were headed into the MEZCO showroom where my jaw firmly dropped onto the floor as I stepped into action figure heaven. I thought that the news of the ONE:12 COLLECTIVE line producing Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice figures last week was epic. Well, MEZCO just out-epic'd themselves because not only were we treated to a plethora of new DC ONE:12's I only dreamed they would make, we also got to see that MEZCO is now in business with the House of Ideas. That's right Junkies, MEZCO & MARVEL have officially met and the result is nothing short of amazing.


It really was only a matter of time that this happened and it really is a perfect marriage. I honestly only expected to see the new ONE:12's from the new big Batman Vs. Superman tentpole movie and that would be that. So to walk in and see new MARVEL product placed at the very beginning of the left to right showroom was a huge surprise. It was clear that MEZCO was making a big and awesome statement because I was floored at the offerings the company will be bringing us in 2016. Get out those wallets Junkies because there is so much brilliantly crafted new MEZCO items coming to market this year, we should all just ask Mez for his PayPal address directly.





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