Happy Birthday to AFJ’s Late Founder, Jarrett Kruse

Dear AFJ Family,

I write my letter once again with a heavy heart.  Only this time my heart is bursting with sadness as today would have been (and still is) Jarrett’s 42nd Birthday. Yes, Jarrett, Head Junkie in Charge, Captain Junkie, is not physically here to celebrate his special day. So what should I do I thought? I have decided to say a few things about Jarrett and his birthdays. He LOVED his special day and would start celebrating a week before, alerting everyone he knew that September 12 was coming!

His birthday was more special than any holiday on the calendar. Jarrett was a very unique person when it came to his birthday. He wanted all the fanfare...the cake, songs, presents, and balloons. It was HIS day and he wanted it to be special. However, whenever a friend or family member had a birthday, he always tried to make it special for them as well. I often wondered how he even remembered everyone’s birthday because he never wrote anything down! And how he would do the little things that would make his friends and family happy on their special day. So when he became so very sad after the car accident and did and wrote some things to some of his most favorite and loved people, instead of them saying “hey, wait this is not the Jarrett we know and love”, they forgot all the wonderful and kind things he did, and turned away from him. Forgiveness did not exist and he was heartbroken. Saying “I’m sorry” didn’t work.

So now that he is no longer with us, we celebrate his birthday without his physical presence and say to those whose birthdays he celebrated for years, can you just look into your hearts, remember all the good things he did for YOUR birthdays and say “sorry Jarrett... please know that  birthday wishes and love are being sent to you on this special day and we celebrate you. No more hard feelings or anger, just love being sent to you for all the birthdays you helped make special for us”. There was nothing he wouldn’t do or say for the birthdays of his most loved people. How sad it is that he cannot blow out the candles or smile that special smile and be our happy, kind-hearted, special person he really was.  I thank all of you who stood with him during the tough times and only wish that you could understand how heartbroken we are on this day. I want to have the cake, the candles, the presents, and the balloons, but we have nowhere to send them. So I am hoping that Jarrett’s AFJ FAMILY will take a moment to send a happy thought and some love to Jarrett today because I believe he hears us. For those who left, take just one moment, put forgiveness in your hearts, and let him know that you want to give him all the special wishes and love that he was missing from you for his last years on this earth.  He loved and loves all of you... always did... always will. So happy birthday Ja, Captain Junkie, Head Junkie in Charge. Happy birthday, wherever you are and know how much we miss and love you. AFJ is sending birthday wishes and Ja, MJ, Stephanie, RJ, Christina, Jason, Bob, Ross, Brad and all the rest of your trusted ‘JUNKIES’ and friends will make it happen... in honor of you and your birthday. Keep watching Ja and please send us a sign to let us know your birthday is being celebrated with whoever you are with and know that we love you more than you could possibly imagine.

Happy happy birthday our dear, sweet and loving Captain Junkie.

Till next time, MAMA AND PAPA JUNKIE

Look at all of Jarrett's reviews, top 10 lists, columns, and articles HERE on AFJ. AFJ has also found of one of Jarrett's stand-up routines and it is posted below for your enjoyment.

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    Beth and Richie September 12, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Perfectly said Di and Dave. Happy Birthday Jarrett… for the short time you were here I know how much mom and dad loved you… and will always love you and have your back. We promise you and Jason, we will always have their backs. That’s our birthday gift to you.
    Celebrate today, wherever you are, with people who love you.
    With love,
    Beth and Richie

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    Sheila September 12, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Happy birthday Jarrett! Wish I could physically hug you today and tell you how proud I am of you for persevering to get AFJ up and running. Your legacy will continue with the help of your friends.

    Mom #2

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    Eric Berger September 14, 2018 at 4:57 am

    Happy Birthday, Jarrett. Your parents loved you so. You are dearly missed.
    With love,
    Eric, a true friend of your mom snd dad

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    Bradley September 20, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Happy Birthday to the Frousin who cares the most and in the end was a big hearted teddy bear that we should all aspire to be. Love you Jarrett and I’m so glad that my love Jessica was with you on your last birthday in person. I cherish that you met her and loved her from the start. Be well my friend. I’m sure you are making them all laugh up there.

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