By Marc Wasserman

JW5JURASSIC WORLD! In my opinion, this is the second best dinosaur movie in the series to hit the big screen. I thought this one was right up there with the original, but who was the bad guy of this? Indominus 'freakin' Rex that’s who! What can be said about this guy other than what has already been said? By combining, multiple species of dinosaurs this bad mama jama was created. However, the two most noticeable species were the Velociraptor and the baddest of the bad, the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Indominus destroyed everything and everyone in its path and that is where I shall begin "ripping him apart in my review" see what I did there? Rip apart... ok moving along.

Upon the first glimpse of the figure and its packaging, the JP World style of packaging is different from that of the 90's but not by much, the style was recreated to make it seem like the dino was on display at an exhibit. The box in which it comes in is very colorful and eye-pleasing, makes you want to pick up the figure and at least look it over. The box is durable as well with a few zip tie fasteners. Now onto the meat and potatoes .... drum roll please!....dun dun dun time to break down the bits and pieces of this figure, well not so much bits and pieces, but break down the interesting parts and see where they could have made some adjustments. When you see the comparison to the toy to shot in the movie, it is pretty dead on which is to be commended.


The dinosaur itself is large, and for a toy, it packs on some weight... must be from its "last meal". The figure is billed as 17" long and it definitely seems to be that big and surprisingly weighty. The listed weight on the box is stated as 2.2lbs and to be very honest, I would say the majority of that weight lies within its head structure. The figure has chomping biting action, which might be why the head is so heavy.


Upon removing the figure out of the packaging, Hasbro did a stellar job in capturing the likeness of Indominus as the toy has a grey bumpy (it is supposed to be scales) texture. The tail on this I believe makes up for a great deal of the length with the tail being a good 4-5 inches by itself. The arms are accurate as can be the belief on this created dinosaur. The hind legs are beefy and do justice as well. The big problem I noticed with this right off the top is since the figure is top heavy when trying to get the Rex to be in "typical" Rex positioning it falls forward to a slouch. This is not as bad as it sounds because it takes on almost a Velociraptor-esque look as he goes to a crouching attack stance.


The figure has a spot on its back that actually lights up and changes colors, as the Rex is supposed to be doing in the movie to camouflage itself. I am not totally in favor of the colors as its yellow and red. However, in order to make this happen, you have to install batteries in the underbelly which can be a little difficult if you do not have the right style screwdriver. Once you have placed the batteries into the toy, you must pull the arms down to get it to light up and roar. The mouth opens as well and is pretty detailed. I definitely would have enjoyed the mouth to be more mobile, like on a hinge style opening that way it would feel more realistic. Like the older style, JURASSIC PARK dinosaurs possessed in the 90s toys.


Overall there is not much else that can be said about this beast of a figure, it is large and it is cool and for the price I paid (right around $25.00) at Toys R Us. And you cannot go wrong with adding a cool new dinosaur concept to your collection at that solid price point. Kids enjoy it, as my daughters were quick to pick it up but do have a little bit of a struggle pulling the arms down and holding it at the same time to get the interactions to work. I say this is a good addition to a fan of the series but if you're looking for something with more points of articulation, than my suggestion... don't dig this one up...let it become extinct.

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