My favorite female Avenger finally gets the MARVEL SELECT treatment from DIAMOND and she is an absolute gem. From top to bottom, this is a solid female figure in a world of figures where there really are not that many in the main genre (I'm talking MATTEL, HASBRO, etc). Easily in the affordable range of $25 to $50, this is definitely the way to go. I know that a new PLAY ARTS KAI BLACK WIDOW was just announced last week about a week ago that is going to be going retail for a bit over a $100. I would buy it in a heartbeat but let us focus on a figure more in my tax bracket!


Because of the lack of lady Avengers at least in the MCU, I think that the making of this figure was very important. From the facial side of things, I believe that the GENTLE GIANT STUDIOS did an excellent job on the figure. For the money, this is the best Scar-Jo we are going to get for the money. Her eyes seem to be just a bit off but again for the price, it doesn't really bother me. Her hair makes up for it which is perfectly crafted along with the lower fifty percent of her face. Her chest seems to run a little bigger than most Widow figures I have seen which is fine with me and the cut of the bustline is definitely lower showing some cleavage and that is a change for a Disney property.

MSW13            MSW11

Bustline aside, I absolutely am over the moon for WIDOW's costume and the little details that they took with the suit. Those awesome blue neon lines are all over the suit hidden that shape around her for form. Plus on her gauntlets, there are hints of maroon that almost look like Peter Parker's web-shooters. Her belt is a little off-kilter but it works with the sidearm holster. All in all, it is an awesomely sleek look that also comes with interchangeable hands and her sidearm. My favorite accessories has to be these awesome Daredevil-like billy clubs that are striped in a light blue neon. I don't know why they went with this shade of blue but it is an absolute winner. The figure stands at a rather large 7-inch scale and boasts 16 points of articulation that also includes a diorama base that connects to the AGE OF ULTRON's THOR Select figure to reenact a scene from the film.


Personally, I have never been one who is a fan of the whole make a diorama thing but I do like the idea for kids, sincerely. Apart from the HULK that DIAMOND SELECT made for the original AVENGERS films and yet another THOR (there's been like 4 SELECTS of the Asgardian), I think this is easily my favorite from the mega-sequel. Personally, I would have preferred to have finally seen a new movie HAWKEYE but maybe we'll get lucky in the third film. I have to say that when DIAMOND SELECT and GENTLE GIANT get together, the results can be awe-inspiring which is why I gave this female figure such a high grade.


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